Engineering Management (M.S.)

Ready to transition to a leadership or management position? Our program will enhance your technical expertise while developing your management skills.

Take the next step to improve your career path. The online Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Dayton prepares you with the knowledge to help advance to an executive or leadership role. Plus, the convenient, online format gives you the opportunity to network with others and obtain credentials while you work.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the engineering management and management science programs should submit the following information in addition to the online application:

  1. Official academic records of all previously attended colleges or universities must be submitted directly from the colleges or universities to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing. Hand-carried transcripts, official copies marked Issued to Student and unofficial copies are not acceptable.
  2. Results from the GRE are not required. However, candidates are welcome to submit a score in support of their application.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited program in engineering, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics or other appropriate program of study. Applicants with a different undergraduate degree may be required to complete prerequisites. Applicants should have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Some programs require higher GPAs for admission. In some cases, applicants with a GPA below 3.0 may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Additional requirements apply for international students.

Additional Information
Graduate assistantships are available; however, restrictions may apply to international students. Some of the graduate assistantships are at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and require citizenship or permanent residency. Please contact individual programs for details.

Program Requirements

The online M.S. in Engineering Management works with your engineering, math or science degree and career experiences to equip you with the tools that will ultimately give you more visibility within your organization. Practicing engineers gain the analytical expertise and skills needed to plan, design, optimize and direct complex programs, processes and systems.

Increase your technical expertise and management skills by studying:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Economy
  • Computer Simulation Modeling
  • Decision Making and Operations Research

The online M.S. in Engineering Management program requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited engineering program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Learning

How do online classes work?  
The process of taking online M.S. in Engineering Management courses is very simple. Students simply log in to an online learning platform to interact with professors and peers and participate in classroom activities. Students have the ability to review coursework online anytime, 24/7. Plan your participation around your existing schedule – online learning is flexible.

How does the University of Dayton support online students?
We support our online students exactly the same way we support students who attend classes on campus. From enrollment to graduation, we make sure you’re teamed with counselors and advisors to help guide you through your experience at Dayton.  Plus, your professors are always available to assist with any questions, and our technical support team is available 24/7. 

What computer equipment is needed to take online classes?
You probably already have everything you need to gain access to our online platform. Please review our technical guidelines [WU1] for hardware and software to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.

Financial Aid

What financial aid is available for graduate students?
Online programs are eligible for financial aid. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.

What is the tuition for the Online M.S. in Engineering Management?
Contact an admission representative [WU2] for tuition rates.


How do I apply for the Online M.S. in Engineering Management?
First, please review our admission requirements[WU3]  for the online M.S. in Engineering Management degree. Then, please call 855-792-1042 to speak with an admission representative to begin the admission process.

Can I get graduate transfer credit?
Each academic department determines whether or not graduate transfer credit will be granted. Generally, no more than six credit hours are transferable. You may speak with the program director about the possibility of transfer credit. All transfer credit decisions are determined after an admission decision is made. If you are admitted and wish to obtain transfer credit, you should speak with your academic advisor.

What criteria are used in the application review process?
The admission criteria are determined by the program director for your area of study. Beyond application information and transcripts, program directors may consider test scores, letters of recommendation and a personal statement when reviewing your application. Review the list of program requirements for the program to which you are applying.

Am I required to submit scores from a graduate entrance exam such as the GRE, MAT or GMAT?
Some program requirements include submitting results from the GRE or GMAT, while submission of test scores is optional for other programs. Please review the tests required for your individual program of study. International students are required to submit additional information as part of their application,such as results from the TOEFL. Visit the international applicants' page [as4] for specific requirements. Please review the admission[WU5]  page for full admission details. 

Online Application

What should I write about in my personal statement?
Please submit a personal statement addressing work experience, research and study experience and professional development objectives. Applicants should review the program requirements before submitting their personal statement.

Is there an application fee with my online application?
Our online application does not have a fee for domestic students. A US$50 fee is required to process applications from international students, and the application cannot be processed until the fee is received.

Do I have to complete the application form, request for letters of recommendation and personal statement at the same time?
No. You are welcome to submit these materials in any order. [B6] 

Where should I send my application materials?
University of Dayton Online Graduate Admission
1415 W. 22nd Street, Suite 400
Oak Brook, IL 60523  

International Admission

What if I only have a three-year degree?
An international student seeking admission to any graduate program must have completed a minimum of 16 years of education, including the earned equivalent of a four-year bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.

We recommend that applicants from India complete the two-year master's program before applying for graduate admission. Applicants who successfully complete the first year of the master's program may be considered for graduate admission. Course work taken at technical or non-university affiliated institutions may not be considered for academic credit. Any program of study must be officially recognized by the Ministry of Education in India as a degree-granting institution.

Is someone available to help me understand the special circumstances associated with applying as an international student?
The staff of the international admission office will be available to help throughout the process. They understand the differences in educational systems throughout the world, and they will identify the documents required to complete your application. You may contact the staff by telephone at (855) 792-1042 or via email at _______________.[B7] 

 What score do I need to obtain on the TOEFL?
A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test (PBT), 213 on the computer-based test (CBT) or 80 on the Internet based test (iBT) is required for full admission. An applicant who is academically qualified and has submitted a score of 500-527 (PBT), 173-193 (CBT), or 70 or below (iBT) may be conditionally admitted to the University with the agreement that he or she will attend, full-time, UD's Intensive English Program (IEP) program until the requirement is met. Local students with a TOEFL score between 530-547 (PBT), 197-210 (CBT) or 71-79 (iBT) may be admitted with the condition that he or she attends IEP part-time and register for a part-time academic course of study. Upon successful completion of IEP or achievement of an institutional TOEFL score of 550, or the equivalent, conditionally admitted students will be granted full admission. In lieu of the TOEFL, an applicant may submit official International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores. A minimum Band 6.5 score is required for full admission. An applicant who submits a score of 6.0 may be conditionally admitted and attend IEP part-time. Applicants with scores below 6.0 will be required to attend our IEP program full-time. Please use the University of Dayton's institution code 1834 when requesting a TOEFL score from ETS.

Am I required to submit a credential evaluation with my application materials?
No, the University of Dayton has a staff member who will complete an international credential evaluation. However, keep in mind that the credential evaluation will not be done until we receive all your application materials. Once your file is complete, we will complete the credential evaluation and then forward your file to the department to which you applied for an admission decision.

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