School of Engineering Department of Engineering Technology

Integrated Arts and Technology

The Integrated Arts and Technology minor allows students to connect their aptitude for technical discipline with their passion for the arts. Students select one arts program (graphic design, music, or theatre) and at least 12 credits of coursework in that program. To put their knowledge to work in a practical and beneficial setting, students will also complete a service-learning project related to their arts program, which may provide academic credit. 

Program Overview

The IA&T minor provides a strong foundation in areas such as audio engineering, computer-based visual design, web page design and technical support for live performances.

As an IA&T minor, you will select one arts program (music, theatre or graphic design) and take at least 12 hours of mid- to upper-level course work in that program. To put your knowledge to work in a practical and beneficial setting, you may also complete a service-learning project related to your arts program, which may provide academic credit.

Upon completion of the IA&T minor, you will receive an integrated arts and technology certificate and a Bachelor of Science in engineering technology. You will also have the ability to contribute to society, employers and organizations in multiple roles and meet the high standards established by progressive corporations. You will be able to design sturdy stage props through your knowledge of introductory mechanics and theatre stagecraft courses or create a multimedia production through visual communication design and engineering technology’s programming and networking courses. Numerous opportunities exist, combining a solid base in technology to enhance a career in the arts.

Academic Requirements

Program requirements can be found in our online Catalog. Click the "Review Degree Requirements" link and select your area of interest.

Career Opportunities

After completing the IA&T minor, you will have a solid background for entering a career in your major or a technical career within your chosen arts concentration. Examples include animation, audio-visual production, multimedia production, music synthesis and editing, theatre stagecraft and production, website design and implementation, and more.