Engineering Innovation and Design for STEM Teachers

Curriculum Development

During your six-week program, your team will participate in workshops and activities that focus on curriculum development, inquiry-based learning and the STEM Education Quality Framework (SQF) as established by the Dayton Regional STEM Center (DRSC).  

Teachers and pre-service teachers will develop and write STEM curriculum that focuses on engineering design and innovation that aligns with the academic content standards.   Engineering students, faculty mentors and a curriculum development coordinator facilitate and guide this process using techniques and strategies developed through the DRSC STEM Fellow program's well-established, research-based curriculum templates and SQF concepts.  

At the close of our program, your team will share with participants and invited guests an overview of your team's developed curriculum along with a hands-on activity sample.  Following your team's presentation, a question-and-answer period begins, so your team receives immediate feedback for future successes. 

Finally, team-developed curriculum presented during our program is subjected to a piloting and editing process that is published on the DRSC website at  The DRSC website enables your work to a be widely disseminated and accessed by others as well as used by teachers across the nation.  Currently, we are also converting this curriculum for publication on the TeachEngineering! website at

Engineering Innovation and Design for STEM Teachers