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About EHS/RM

The mission of Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management (EHS/RM) is to ensure the safety of and reduce the risk to the University community by using preventative education, actively responding to needs and thoroughly monitoring conditions that might interfere with health and well being. 

We believe that safety and health must be foremost on the minds of all those who call on, or serve the University.  We foresee a future for the University that upholds the tradition of a safe and secure environment, while ever working to eliminate hazards, carelessness and the accidents they cause.  

In doing so, we strive to provide customer satisfaction by addressing any health and safety or risk management concerns in a professional and timely manner.

Contact Information

Campus Location:

     College Park Center (1529 Brown Street)
     1st Floor (Suite 125)

      Campus Map

Mailing Address:

     University of Dayton
     Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management
     Department of Facilities Management
     300 College Park
     Dayton, Ohio 45469-2904

Department Phone:

     (937) 229-4503          (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday)

     (937) 229-2121          (in the event of an emergency)

Department Fax:

     (937) 229-4395

Emergency Contact Information:

     In the event of an emergency contact Public Safety at:

          911 or x92121          (from a campus phone)

          (937) 229-2121        (from a cell phone)