Safety Programs

EHS/RM is responsible for over forty programs on campus ranging from occupational safety to laboratory safety.  

If there is a particular policy, form or service that is not listed on the site, please contact our office to see if we can provide or refer you to the proper source.  

We have divided the programs that our department offers into five categories: 

(1) Department Specific Safety

Covers any safety concerns based on department specific requirements.

(2) Environmental Safety

Primarily relates to laboratory related research.

(3) General Safety

Covers a wide range of general safety topics from office safety to slips, trips and falls.

(4) Life and Fire Safety

Covers fire and life safety concerns including fire extinguisher training.

(5) Occupational Safety

Covers topics related to health and safety activities for plant operations.  Training is provided to assure compliance with the regulations that govern the type of work conducted by plant operations staff.  Worksite assessments can also be conducted to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control hazards associated with workplace tasks.  Please contact Katherine Cleaver at 4503 to set-up an evaluation.

Please view each program site for specific information regarding requirements of that specific program.