From Our Front Porch to Yours

Inspired by our neighborhood porches and the sense of community they help create, the Front Porch Society recognizes everyone who makes annual gifts to the University for three or more consecutive years. Gifts can be in any amount and can be designated to any area of the University. 

Front Porch Society members are the most loyal UD donors. Your generosity changes lives by supporting the students, faculty and programs that make UD a top-tier Catholic research university — and a close-knit community guided by faith and intellectual curiosity. The entire University community is grateful for your continuous decision to give back to UD. Your gift every year makes a difference every day. Thank you. 


  • Inspired by the porches of the student neighborhood and the sense of community they help create, the Front Porch Society offers an annual; membership decal featuring a house in the neighborhood. A different house is depicted each year, allowing you to proudly display your love for the University of Dayton, perhaps even inspiring others to join you as a loyal donor. 
  • Those who have given five, 10, 15 or 20 consecutive years receive additional decals noting these milestones. 
  • A gift in the third consecutive fiscal year automatically enrolls a donor in the front Porch Society. To continue membership, simply continue to make a gift every year.