Business Administration

New opportunities always arise. New talents may need assistance to further their work — faculty or students. It's simply good practice to have some capital available to take advantage of these fortunate moments.

Investing in the School of Business Administration ensures that we, much like our Marianist founders, are able to read the signs of the times and act on them for the benefit of our world.

The power of your support

$1,000:  Provides an internship stipend or sends a student to a conference or competition like the National Collegiate Sales Competition.
$500: Could bring a cyber-security expert to present at an event or help Flyer Consulting students assist more nonprofits with business expertise.
$250: Funds a bus trip for 30 students to a major facility to learn about careers in operations management or information services. It could also pay a student’s travel expenses to present research.
$100: Supports subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal and membership fees to professional organizations such as the Academy of Management and the Decision Sciences Institute.
$50: Pays for an entry fee to a marketing case competition or a “Walk The Talk” lunch where students and professionals discuss business cases involving ethical dilemmas.

School of Business Administration General Endowment Scholarship

A gift to the School of Business Administration General Endowment Scholarship gives high-achieving students the opportunity for success in a rapidly changing global market. Students are prepared to be leaders in the business world after graduation.