School of Education and Health Sciences

Learning cannot be confined within the walls of a classroom or constrained to a single discipline. Beyond the skills they learn in the classroom, our students develop the compassionate hearts and the critical minds needed to care for others and build and challenge learning communities.

With your help, we can prepare students to become great teachers, counselors, administrators, physical therapy students, and health and sport science professionals. 

The power of your support

$1,000: Provides an emergency scholarship to a student in need or supports international study.
$500: Purchases counseling videos, blood pressure cuffs or instruments for experiments.
$250: Helps students  to attend or present at a national conference or brings in a guest speaker.
$100: Buys materials for a Lalanne teacher, up to four books for urban book read or testing materials for psychology students.
$50:  Funds student dues to professional organizations, periodicals for classroom use and attendance fees for local conferences

School of Education and Health Sciences General Endowment Scholarship

Gifts to the School of Education and Health Sciences General Endowment Scholarship enhance the school's quality and reputation. They help us attract strong students and develop them into outstanding leaders and practitioners in teaching, counseling, administration, human services, nutrition, sports management and physical therapy.