School of Engineering

As a graduate or friend of the School of Engineering, you know that service is a distinctive component of our student experience. It’s a clear manifestation of the Catholic, Marianist spirit, inviting our engineering students to use their talents toward a greater good.

In our ETHOS program and our Innovation Center, students put our mission into action, collaborating to develop appropriate and innovative engineering solutions for people, villages and businesses in the Dayton region and around the world.

We are committed to educating engineering professionals with a global understanding. Thank you for being a part of that commitment.

The power of your support

$1000: Five gifts of $1,000 can sponsor a student for the entire summer on an ETHOS project.
$500: Provides the supplies an honors student needs to complete research for his or her thesis.
$250: Funds materials and supplies for an Innovation Center project.
$100: Pays association dues for the American Society for Engineering Education, a professional organization devoted to excellence in instruction, research, practice and service.
$50: Helps student ambassadors host prospective students or covers student fees for technical conferences.

School of Engineering General Endowment Scholarship

The School of Engineering General Endowment Scholarship helps the University attract outstanding engineering students and develop them as complete professionals. In this city known for innovation, they learn to collaborate with others to solve problems and shape the world for good.