Expansion Plans

Upcoming phases of the Alumni Center project call for the renovation of the 1700 South Patterson Building's main gathering and exhibition space and construction of a new auditorium for workshops, seminars and alumni events.

Future phases of the Alumni Center will be financed through private contributions. Make a gift to the Alumni Center today.

Alumni Center Supporters


It's amazing to see the transformation from where this project started, with us being in a meeting room just looking at the plans and then the decree from Dr. Daniel Curran saying, "We need to have an Alumni Center here." Seeing the progression from purchasing the NCR property to where it's actually come to life is very neat.

There's a quote, I think, that absolutely resonates with UD: "If you've been there, no explanation is necessary. If you haven't been there, no explanation is sufficient." That's how most of us who went to school here have experienced the community. That's what we need at our Alumni Center. We have to be able to connect alumni with the feeling of "this is where I was."

When you bring your kids, your grandkids and hopefully great-grandkids to the Alumni Center, you should be able to tell them, "This was my home. It's where I spent some of the best years of my life."

We have a place for prospective students to call home when they come to campus, and soon, we'll have a place UD alumni can call home.

— Michael Lofton '05, '07, director of university accounts, Welcometocollege.com; president of the St. Louis Alumni Chapter, Alumni Association board member; former Student Government Association vice president.


I don’t know if I can ever fully express my gratitude. When I was a student, Pepper Wilson called me over one day and said, “I want you to go see Journal Herald sports editor Ritter Collett. He needs a copy boy in the sports department.”

I didn't even know Pepper, who was the University of Dayton’s sports information director at the time, but he somehow heard of my work and went out of his way to help me. I paid my way through UD on the money I made working 30 hours a week at the newspaper. Even had a little date money and enough left over for the occasional beer with the sports writers on Friday nights. That job started my professional career in journalism, public affairs and communications.

That’s why I’ll do anything to help the University of Dayton. It’s payback time.

I’m proud to see the University’s growth in size and prestige. It’s a world-class institution and has moved into a significant leadership position in the Dayton community. When the Alumni Center is completed, alumni pride will be off the charts. This will be our place to showcase the history and the momentum.

We are building this University on the foundation laid by the Marianists and all those who came before us. Some alumni think they made it on their own, but we did well because we received an education at the University of Dayton.

It’s our turn. It’s our time to pay back.

— Robert E. Daley ’55, executive committee chair, Golden Flyers; Alumni Association board member; retired director of public affairs and communications, Kettering Foundation


This center makes a huge statement. The Alumni Association provided $1 million for the first phase of the Alumni Center because we want alumni to know they always have a home at the University they love.

This University walks the talk. The Alumni Center is a clear demonstration that alumni are appreciated, important and vital as we look forward to a future of such promise.

The center, when completed, will feature multimedia exhibits that blend our rich history, the Marianist tradition and the forward-thinking philosophy that has always guided us. It will have places for all of us to gather, reconnect, reminisce and learn from one another.

As a student, I found a nurturing environment at the University of Dayton. I grew in my faith and spirituality. And UD got me my first job before I even started to shop around for one. A local investment firm saw the résumé I gave career services and called me for a job interview just as I graduated.

I know there’s great value in a University of Dayton degree. I’ve hired two UD graduates over the last three years. They hit the ground running.

So, when I was called to help the University of Dayton, it was an easy decision. I said “yes” immediately. The people I work with on campus are collaborative, happy, ambitious, energetic and enthusiastic.

I just have a tremendous sense of pride being associated with the University of Dayton.

— Linda Berning ’82, ’87, president and chief investment strategist, Buckingham Capital Management Inc.; University trustee; past president of the Alumni Association