Education for the mind and heart

A University of Dayton education is much more than a series of classes. We've created an environment where students, professors and Marianists all have the opportunity to live and learn from each other. We are a community that produces excellence by providing support.

Space to meet, learn and socialize

The University of Dayton's Alumni Association designated $1 million to create a welcome center, a special events space and stunning touch-screen video exhibits highlighting achievements in academics, research and athletics.

The University accomplished the first phase of this ambitious project in June 2011, opening in the former NCR world headquarters at 1700 S Patterson Blvd. Vintage and current campus scenes showcase the University's Catholic, Marianist heritage and its growing global reputation. An interactive wall of recognition honors donors who have helped build the University of Dayton into a top-tier research university.

"This center makes a huge statement," said Linda Berning '82 '87, former president of the Alumni Association and a University trustee. "It demonstrates the importance of alumni to the University of Dayton. We want them to know they always have a home here."

Excellence on and off the court

University of Dayton student-athletes do things the right way. They compete at a championship level and have a 94 percent graduation rate — tied for 27th in the nation. With a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a host of conference titles and postseason appearances, their success is on the court, on the field and in the classroom. 

To sustain this excellence and strive for the next level, we need continued support. Annual gifts to the Champions & Scholars Fund provide athletic and academic opportunities for more than 400 UD student-athletes on 17 teams. Your gifts support scholarships, operations, coaching competitiveness and updated facilities.

The Power of Your Support

$1,000: Covers all of the expenses for out-of-area competition for a student-athlete, or gives an opportunity for a smaller team to travel for competition.
$500: Buys one student-athlete books for a semester or pays for a round-trip flight to a competition.
$250: Funds one out-of-state recruiting trip for a coach or provides game uniforms for up to three student athletes.
$100: Purchases a pair of practice shoes.
$50: Provides one student-athlete with a practice uniform or one day of meals during competition travel.

Choose a project, make a difference

Fund-A-Flyer connects students, alumni and friends to their passions through a new way to support projects as unique as a University of Dayton education. The concept is simple. The results? They're simply amazing.

Check out the projects that are currently raising funds; choose one to support and make a gift.

Commit to the legacy

When you give to a scholarship fund at the University, you are creating your legacy. You are fulfilling dreams and fostering connections. You are bringing students to the University to change their lives — and the lives of others.

Our Marianist mission calls us to reach out to build a diverse, supportive community — bringing together people with different skills and backgrounds to work toward a common purpose. Scholarships provide the access that allows us to accomplish our mission. That’s why funding scholarships is one of our highest priorities.

Marianist Identity

The University of Dayton’s emphasis on community has roots in its Catholic, Marianist identity. We are a welcoming and supportive community that sees value in each member. We seek not only to educate but to transform the world into a place of justice for all.

Each person who supports our Catholic, Marianist mission provides our University the opportunity to learn, to lead, to serve others. Gifts to the Summer Appalachia program, campus ministry retreats, the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and a variety of other funds affirm our Catholic, Marianist identity and ensure that every student.

Ultimate Flexibility

The ability to adapt and to respond to change is paramount to success. Unrestricted gifts provide essential flexibility to enable the University of Dayton to seize opportunities, address challenges as they arise and invest strategically in the future. Unrestricted support helps the University quickly respond to opportunities and challenges, assuring our future stability and competitive edge.

Unrestricted gifts provide opportunities for students to succeed today so that they can become engaged, successful leaders tomorrow.

Areas of Impact for Unrestricted Funds 

Scholarships and financial aid 
Scholarships ensure that a University of Dayton education is accessible to outstanding students who can thrive in our challenging and service-minded programs. 98 percent of UD students receive scholarships and financial aid; $85 million in financial aid was awarded to University of Dayton students in 2012–2013.

Student life 
Internships, study-abroad programs, student programming and campus speakers.

Library acquisitions, learning technology, labs and materials.

Alumni and student access to library databases; classroom and laboratory renovations; computer equipment.

Recruiting, retention, research, teaching and mentoring.

Maintenance and improvements to facilities and grounds.

Presidential initiatives 
Establishing and maintaining partnerships to advance the University’s mission.