The foundation of our faith-based university

Whether you remember sitting quietly in reflection or seeing snowflakes fall on the smiling children’s tongues during Christmas on campus, you’ve witnessed the sacred on campus. Nowhere is the sacred more apparent or more closely approached than in Immaculate Conception Chapel. The chapel has served our community for nearly 150 years. Now is the time to ensure that the chapel continues to help students encounter the sacred with beauty and grace well into the future. Be part of the tradition by supporting the chapel at

We are so close

The chapel is the centerpiece of our Marianist identity and we are dedicated to getting this project underway. We’ve raised $11 million for this $12 million project, thanks to an anonymous gift of $3 million and many other generous gifts. Our goal? Raise the final $1 million by March 1, 2014. If we can do that, our community will celebrate the completion of the work by fall of 2015. Every decision to give makes a difference. 

The chapel is the sacred face of our university

Plans for the chapel include:

  • To bring back the wood finishes, warm colors and the simple elegance that signified the strength and beauty of the chapel when it was built.
  • The beautiful, bold chapel front doors will be enhanced to allow visitors and worshipers to enter as originally intended.
  • The aisles and sanctuary will be enhanced and made completely accessible.
  • An addition of a baptismal font will allow us to fully celebrate our students’ birth into Christ and our renewal of baptism every time we enter the chapel.
  • Bringing back the warmth of wooden pews will bring congregants together to experience the word of God more closely in community.
  • Adding restrooms and better accessibility to meet current code requirements.