A gift can be made to UD by including the University of Dayton as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan account.

  • Primary beneficiary: the donor retains ownership of the policy or account during their lifetime, but the value will transfer to the University upon the donor’s passing. No income tax deduction is allowed for the designation of the charity as beneficiary, but the donor’s gross estate will be allowed a federal estate-tax charitable deduction when the proceeds are paid to the charity.
  • Successor beneficiary: a donor can name a charity as a successor beneficiary to receive the policy proceeds or account balance in the event the primary beneficiary is no longer living. 

When remembering UD as a beneficiary in your will, trust agreement, life insurance policy or retirement plan, please use our legal title:

                University of Dayton, an Ohio not-for-profit corporation

If you have already included the University as a beneficiary of your estate plan, please use the Confidential Bequest Notification Form (.pdf) to let us know so that we may properly thank you.