Academic Divisions

The character of the University of Dayton is defined by a search for knowledge. Knowledge that changes the way we perceive the world. Knowledge that solves problems and helps make our lives better. Knowledge that creates a more humane and compassionate future for all of us.

It's difficult to go wrong when you're recommending that a student go to a school that enjoys a fine academic reputation (U.S. News & World Report says we're a top-tier Catholic research university) and has incredibly satisfied students (The Princeton Review ranks our students among the happiest in the nation).

And with more than 70 majors in four accredited divisions, students are sure to find the major (or majors) that are the right fit for them.

Academic Opportunities

Redesigning an ancient European port? Developing better ways to sterilize medical instruments. Providing music therapy to neglected populations in the Caribbean. At the University of Dayton, students find countless opportunities to do the extraordinary  — enriching the lives of others, developing their leadership potential and making them stand out from the crowd.

Whether they participate in our vast array of internships, cooperative education, education abroad programs or research opportunities, students earn a professional foothold in the world well before earning their diploma.

Service Learning

Why wait to use your knowledge for the greater good? We believe the best learning comes from doing. So we constantly find new ways around our community, our country and our world to integrate learning with helping those in need. You'll find our students helping rebuild the hurricane-stricken Gulf area, delivering aid in Haiti, running a day camp for children in Appalachia and building water filtration systems in Cameroon.

Intensive English Program

If you work with international high school students who require additional English language support beginning the rigors of the college course work, the University of Dayton offers an Intensive English Program.

Our Intensive English Program helps non-English speakers learn the language quickly and proficiently through an immersive program that combines teaching, technology, travel and community interaction.

Discover Programs

Students who are not sure what they want to major in are not alone. Many students switch their major more than once during their undergraduate studies. We suggest students take their time and keep their options open.

Each of our four academic divisions offers Discover Programs that let students begin taking core courses while exploring their options and discovering their interests.

Complete List of Majors

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