Honors Learning-Living Communities

Learning-Living Communities (LLCs) are available to incoming, first-year Honor students in several areas of interest. You will learn more about LLCs, and request the LLC of your choice, through Porches.

The LLCs that appear to you vary based on a variety of factors to ensure that all of your available choices will satisfy graduation requirements for your major. We encourage you to select one of the Honors LLCs listed below, if available, as they will provide an engaging environment for you to learn and live in, as well as help you earn Honors credit.

Business and Marianist Values LLC

Scandals have rocked corporate America in recent years, shaking public confidence in business, the sector in which most Americans pursue their careers. Despite the high-profile failures, most business leaders work daily to meet society’s demand for goods and services and to provide meaningful work and income for their employees. As demand for more ethical business processes and actions grows, our future business leaders must learn to see their individual life's work not just as a means for income and career advancement but as a way to promote the common good. Leadership is not values-neutral. The Business and Marianist Values Learning Living Community includes classes and community activities that will help develop personal and professional values in the Marianist tradition for a life of learning, leadership and service in a chosen career.

ECO 203 H sections, Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 204 H sections, Principles of Microeconomics II (optional)

Sustainability, Energy and the Environment LLC

The SEE LLC asks students to think critically about the myriad approaches to sustainability, energy and the environment by actually integrating material from several different disciplines throughout two semesters. Humanities Base courses will use some common readings, and students and faculty in all of the courses will interact and integrate activities. The first-year seminar will feature guest lecturers from several different departments across the University, giving students the opportunity to explore sustainability, energy and environmental themes from different points of view.

PHL 103 S sections, Introduction to Philosophy
HST 103 S sections, West and World

Core: Understanding Human Values in a Changing World LLC

The Core Program is open to Honor students as well as the general first-year student population. It emphasizes the University of Dayton’s signature characteristics: a student community that forms lasting friendships, excellent faculty who are enthusiastic about teaching and working closely with students, and dynamic engagement with the arts and culture in Dayton. All of students work closely with faculty and have opportunities in the afternoon and evenings to work with second year Core students who can help study for exams, give advice for writing papers, and organize social events. By studying English, history, philosophy, and religious studies in an integrated program, students have the advantage of understanding the connections between disciplines, how narratives develop, and the ways in which important human values change and emerge in diverse cultures.

[Core courses earn Honors credits at less than one-for-one value—see Earning Honors Credits for specifics.]

Year 1:
ASI 111 C sections, Integrated Study
ASI 112 C sections, Integrated Study

Year 2:
Choose 3 300-level Core section courses

Year 3:
ASI 37X C sections, Professional Ethics