The Patrick F. Palermo Honors Program Founders Fund

The Palermo Founders Fund was established in 2004 and provides annual support in perpetuity for Honors students undertaking Honors Thesis projects that involve international research, service and leadership in the community, or which advance the realization of a just society. All of these are characteristics of the University’s distinctive approach to enhanced higher education in the Catholic and Marianist tradition. The endowed Dr. Patrick F. Palermo Honors Program Founders Fund is an example of the generosity of our alumni.

Fellowships that are awarded from this Fund are determined during the Thesis Research Proposal and Fellowship Request process each year.

2013 Fellowship Recipient

Congratulations to Laura Huber, Honors Class of 2014, this year's Palermo Founders Fund fellowship recipient.

Laura K. Huber

Major:  International Studies, Political Science and Spanish

Title:  The Sustainability of Impacts of United Nations' All-Female Peacekeeping Units on Women's Empowerment in Liberia

Huber's aim is to "gauge the cultural and social perspectives of a wide cross-section of Liberian society regarding their attitudes and beliefs towards women. The research is critical to the successful evaluation of Female Formed Police Units (FFPUs) and may hold important information for peacekeeping missions helping to create lasting women's empowerment in the local community. This especially applies to the other U.N. [United Nations] peacekeeping missions where FFPUs are currently deployed, such as missions in Haiti, South Sudan and Timor-Leste."

Past Recipients

The recipients of the 2012 fellowship were:

Chin Yi Chen:  Intercultural Communication Among College Students:  A Case Study in South Korea, Morocco and the United States
Carol Harper:  Improving Teacher Preparation to Enhance Academic Improvement of English Language Learners
Alexander Ulintz:  The Role of Mycolactone in Innate Immune Response Modulation and Alteration of Aquatic Biofilm Metabolic Profiles:  Implications for Buruli Ulcer Disease

The recipients of the 2011 fellowship were:

Amanda Fioritto:  Through the Golden Door:  Exploring the Integration of Iraqi Refugees in the United States
Monica Guisfredi:  Appropriate Technology for Extraction of Essential Oils from Orange Peels in La Paz, Bolivia
Rebecca Young:  "To Prepare the Revolution in the Family":  Girls’ Education in French Protectorate Morocco (1912-1956)

The recipient of the 2010 fellowship was:

Abagail Lawson:  The Cost of Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Tension between Pursuing Peace and Obtaining Justice

The recipients of the 2009 fellowships were:

Eric J. Krissek:  An Ethnographical Exploration of Math and Science Pedagogy in a Kenyan Primary (K-8) School
Marie-Claire Tuzeneu:  The Ripple Effect? Examining the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Least Developed Countries

The inaugural Palermo Fund fellowships in 2008 were awarded to:

Beth Ann Saracco:  Uneven Transitions in Democracy:  The Cases of Chile and Guatemala
Emily Klein:  The Application of Public Engagement Models in Modern Christianity