Bar Preparation Programs

The University of Dayton School of Law is committed to assisting students to prepare for and pass a bar examination. We continue to expand and develop our bar pass program, the Road to Bar Passage, to increase students’ bar exam success.  

Each year, half of our graduates sit for the Ohio bar exam. For the July bar exams from 2003 to July 2011, graduates of the University of Dayton School of Law who sat for the first time had an average pass rate of 81.3 percent.

Our graduates take the bar in many other states, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, just to name a few.  

In conjunction with our Academic Success Program, the Road to Bar Passage offers regular workshops, bar exam practice sessions and individual counseling. Our bar exam course, offered for credit, will help prepare you to sit for a bar exam in any state.

Support programs we provide throughout your legal education and post-graduation include:

First Year

Second Year

  • ASP skill-building Workshops
  • Timely Ohio bar application workshop
  • Multistate professional responsibility exam website, with bibliography and practice materials
  • Individual academic assistance through the ASP  

Third Year

  • 3L class meeting: bar exam basics
  • ASP skill-building workshops
  • Law 6895 Bar Exam Preparation Course (2 credit elective)
  • Individual academic assistance through ASP


  • Support services for all exam question formats
  • Individual counseling (in-person or online)

For More Information

Student Affairs
Assitant Dean, Staci Rucker

Academic Success Program
Interim Director, John Terzano

Road to Bar Passage Program
Interim Director of Bar Support, Melinda Warthman