Dayton Law News


Eminent Domain: Needed or Trampling of Rights?

09.15.2005 | Law, Campus and Community

Lawyers for both sides of what could be the nation's next prominent eminent domain battle will speak from 5-7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, at the University of Dayton School of Law's Mathias H. Heck Courtroom. More


Whites Over-represented in Law Schools

09.07.2005 | Culture and Society, Faculty, Law

UD race law professor Vernellia Randall found whites make up 68 percent of law school applications, but fill more than 80 percent of law school seats. Of the 177 historically white law schools, 158 seated a percentage of whites greater than the national application pool. More


The Media Ethics of Katrina Coverage

09.06.2005 | Law, Faculty

Is the media turning hurricane Katrina into a crime story? A law and communications professor says coverage has been harmful. More


Two-year Law Degree

08.24.2005 | Education, Law, Students

A new, accelerated curriculum has attracted national media attention and helped to trigger the highest application volume in a dozen years and the best entering test scores since 1994. Nationally, law school applications are down. More


Against All Odds

05.18.2005 | Students, Law

University of Dayton law student makes her dream a reality. More