Creating a New Student Organization

New student organizations are always welcomed. To receive funding from the Student Bar Association and to use law school facilities, a student organization must be formally recognized. The requirements for recognition are few, and the process is easy:

  1. Schedule a meeting with Dean Staci Rucker to discuss strategy (e.g., how to publicize your new organization, how to find an advisor, etc.). To schedule an appointment with Dean Rucker, call 937-229-4734 or email Nan Holler-Potter at
  2. Solicit members. There is no minimum number required.
  3. Find a faculty advisor.
  4. Draft a constitution. (The Dean's office has many constitutions on file that may be used as models.)
  5. Elect officers.
  6. Set and collect dues.
  7. Schedule a follow-up meeting with Dean Rucker to confirm the organization’s status, obtain space in the student organization suite, etc.