Institutes & Centers

Connecting researchers, students and servant leaders, our centers and institutes unite campus in a multicultural environment to advance social justice issues, business leadership practices and ethics, and service opportunities for all. That's just the beginning of the work done by our pioneering institutes and centers.


Located in the heart of the University neighborhood, ArtStreet is not a residence hall or an academic building. This innovative multi-arts facility and residence connects living and learning through the arts. Explore.

Bombeck Family Learning Center

We are proud of the success of our demonstration school for young children. Teacher Education students gain invaluable experience while area children receive the best in early childhood education and care.

Building Energy Center

Improving building performance and energy efficiency.

Center for Catholic Education

The Center provides Catholic schools with programs and services that enhance the church’s mission to evangelize, educate, and empower the people of God. Its vision is to be a servant-leader in working with Catholic educators to foster excellence in Catholic schools.

Center for Competitive Change

The Center for Competitive Change provides world-class training, consulting and assessment to companies and organizations moving toward lean manufacturing and management. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage and save money.

Center for Early Learning

The Center for Early Learning advances the University of Dayton's Marianist mission to respond to changing times and engage in important community outreach by striving to attain the following goals: 1) to advance the role of the Bombeck Family Learning Center as a demonstration school; 2) to enhance the services provided by the Bombeck Institute and to inform the field through publications, presentations, web-based resources, and online and face-to-face training; 3) to support the Early Childhood Career Lattice by offering high quality online bachelor's and master's degree programs in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy; and 4) to be the leader in support for early childhood Catholic education.

Center for International Programs

The Center for International Programs supports a diverse and multicultural environment on campus and beyond - whether for students from other countries, students going abroad, faculty members conducting research or staff members planning to volunteer elsewhere in the world. Enrich your education. Expand your borders.

Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership partners with leading organizations and top thought leaders in executive development to provide customized educational programs. We're your partner to develop leaders.

Center for Social Concern

The Center for Social Concern unites faith and action for justice. We coordinate spring break service trips, summer international immersion experiences, a long-running service program in Appalachia, post-graduation "year of service"' opportunities and the activities of more than 30 student service clubs. Students who serve others hone their skills as leaders in shaping a better world. Get involved.

Center for Strategic Energy and Environmental Informatics

As one of Ohio's newly created Centers of Excellence, this center brings together expertise across divisions to use statistical data to help businesses analyze energy consumption and savings.

Center for Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton

Faculty and research scientists in the field of tissue regeneration and bioengineering work on the cutting edge of biotechnology. Recognized in 2010 as one of Ohio's Centers of Excellence for Biomedicine and Healthcare.

Center of Excellence for Thin-Film Research and Surface Engineering

Ten University of Dayton researchers with a combined 15 patents and more than 600 publications have joined forces to establish the Center of Excellence for Thin-Film Research and Surface Engineering (CETRASE). CETRASE research is focused on ways to improve sensors, electronics, electro-optics and energy systems.

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center is a lending library of professional and practical teaching materials in the School of Education and Health Sciences. Our extensive collection includes many educational materials for use by teachers-in-training in their classrooms, including books, educational audio and video recordings, educational kits, transparencies, charts, models and other teaching aids.

Davis Center for Portfolio Management

What better way to learn how to manage money than by doing it? Undergraduates invest more than $6 million of the University's endowment in a center that simulates Wall Street. We sponsor the largest student investment conference in the world.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

The Fitz Center builds partnerships, arranges service-learning opportunities and addresses societal problems ranging from predatory lending to child abuse, among a host of other initiatives. We believe that people working together can transform society. Be a community builder.


The GE Aviation Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center (EPISCENTER) is an innovative partnership between the University of Dayton and GE Aviation. Graduate students and researchers work alongside GE Aviation engineering teams, doing design modeling and testing of aviation electrical systems.

The Hanley Center

The Center offers a powerful learning experience for the next generation of aspiring traders in one of the hottest specialty areas of finance. Students learn quantitative skills, interact with experienced traders and have hands-on opportunities to work directly with TradeStation, the most popular trading platform

Industrial Assessment Center

Engineering professors and students provide free energy, waste and productivity assessments for regional industries. Find out how to qualify for a free study.

Innovation Center

The cornerstone of the University of Dayton School of Engineering, the Innovation Center is a transformational space where all disciplines of our school come together to encounter, debate, address, investigate and solve multi-faceted problems. Within the Innovation Center, the Design and Manufacturing Clinic has completed more than 600 projects for 120 companies.

Intelligent Signal Systems Laboratory

World-class image processing and computer vision research laboratory that investigates the large role that signal systems play in our world.

International Marian Research Institute

As one of the most renowned international centers of study and research about Mary, the mother of Christ, the International Marian Research Institute serves researchers and students from around the world who come to study and use the collections of The Marian Library, home of the world's largest collection of printed materials on Mary. Discover this world-class resource.

Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives prepares Catholic ministers worldwide. We offer faith formation classes over the Internet, including some in Spanish. Learn more about our initiatives.

L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership supports the University of Dayton's nationally recognized entrepreneurship education program - one that gives students the opportunity to start their own micro-businesses and offers them regular contact with successful entrepreneurs. Discover why we've been named one of the nation's most entrepreneurial campuses.

Ladar and Optical Communications Institute

Institute is believed to offer the nation's first laser radar curriculum. LOCI consolidates the brainpower of the region's ladar researchers — instructors from UD and the Air Force Institute of Technology — to put ladar on a faster track to the battlefield and business.

Motoman Robotics Laboratory

With six state-of-the-art industrial robots, research focuses on visual servoing, metrology and calibration, real-time control, and other topics relevant to industrial robotics and functions.

Mumma Radar Laboratory, Center of Excellence in Distributed Sensing and Multistatic Radar

One of the world's most unique radar labs. While robots are rotating in the space, the custom-made eight channel Agilent Network Analyzer collects data from eight antennas.

Nano-Fab Laboratory

Investigating nanoscale components for telecommunications and infrared applications for commercial, military, safety and security purposes.

Rivers Institute

An interdisciplinary cooperation between students, staff, faculty and community partner organizations, the Rivers Institute is focused on building community around our watershed — and preserving and protecting its resources.

Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center

The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center serves as a campus laboratory for innovation in learning and teaching. We're an incubator for new ideas.

UD-Fraunhofer Joint Research Center

Development of advanced transportation systems: electric cars, high-speed trains and composite airplanes and maintaining safety and reliability of critical aerospace parts production, the School of Engineering works with the Fraunhofer Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Dresden, Germany.

University of Dayton Research Institute

UDRI is a national leader in scientific and engineering research that commercializes its discoveries. From pioneering work in nanotechnology to the development of better, cheaper jet fuel, UDRI offers leading-edge technologies to government, industrial and nonprofit clients. We're second in the nation for funding in materials research, and no other university in Ohio performs more aerospace research. Partner with us.

Urban Teacher Academy

The Urban Teacher Academy works to make a difference in America's urban schools by recruiting, training and supporting future teachers who have committed to a specialized teacher preparation program focused on producing high student achievement in urban settings.

Vision Lab

The Vision Lab at the University of Dayton focuses on computer vision and wide-area surveillance to develop new algorithms and architectures for real-time applications in the areas of signal processing, image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and bio-mimetic object-vision recognition.

von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center

Researchers in the von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center are developing better, cheaper jet fuel. Learn more about our groundbreaking work. Recognized in 2009 as one of Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Advanced Energy.

Women's Center

The University of Dayton's Women's Center enhances the climate for both women and men on campus while promoting conversations on the role of women in society and the world. Join us in fostering an inclusive campus community.