Important Copyright Compliance Information

When submitting photocopied material to be placed on reserve, it is important to remain copyright compliant. In an attempt to adhere to copyright compliance - photocopied materials being put on reserve for a course must be accompanied by a Reserve Request Form. When signed by the faculty member indication is made that the instructor is following the Copyright Law (PL94-553, title 17 US Code). At the end of the semester items will be withdrawn from the reserve list and returned. A newly signed and dated form must accompany the materials if they are used again at a later date. (Personally written material is exempt from copyright compliance). The forms are kept on file for that semester for reference as needed.

Examples of copyright compliant materials that can be placed on Electronic reserve include:

  • Syllabi
  • Class notes, assignments, or exams
  • Excerpts from books (Entire books cannot and will not be placed on Electronic reserve)
  • An article(s) from periodical or newspaper
  • A short story, essay or poem
  • A chart, diagram, picture, cartoon, etc. from a book, periodical or newspaper

For more information, please visit the following online resources on copyright and fair use:

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