Services for faculty

Roesch Library provides the following services to support faculty teaching and research.


Librarians at Roesch Library are committed to helping both faculty and students find and use the proper tools to support research and teaching. We offer individualized instruction sessions by appointment; class demonstrations; and hands-on sessions for your courses. Schedule a class >>

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Leased research and writing rooms

Faculty, staff and graduate students who require extensive use of Library resources may lease private research and writing rooms (formerly called faculty carrels) for a semester or an academic year (up to two years for graduate students). New policies are effective Aug. 1, 2014.

  • Faculty: Current faculty members may lease an individual room for a semester ($50) or the full academic year ($100). To extend availability to a greater number of faculty, these spaces are non-renewable after one year, though high scholarly productivity and extensive use of library resources may warrant exceptions. Renewal will be based upon the recommendation of a faculty member’s dean. The rooms are roughly 6 feet by 7 feet and contain a desktop, chair, overhead storage, electrical outlets and wireless Internet access. Additional furniture may be brought in with permission from the Roesch Library operations coordinator. Faculty of any rank may also lease these rooms in Roesch Library at no charge from May 15 through Aug. 15, subject to availability.
  • Staff: Staff members engaged in research or writing for work-related projects may apply for a private research and writing space for a one-year, non-renewable term at the same rate faculty pay.
  • Graduate students: A graduate student working on a dissertation may apply for a one-year, renewable lease with the recommendation of his or her dissertation adviser. The cost is waived.
  • Faculty emeriti: Faculty emeriti who wish to continue their research on campus may request space in the 1700 South Patterson Building at no cost. Each workstation is enclosed with 62-inch-high modular walls and contains a desk, a locked storage space and wireless Internet access. The Roesch2U service will deliver library materials to users upon request. If research and writing projects require significant access to physical library resources, the faculty emeritus(a) may apply for a private writing and research room in Roesch Library for the academic year, subject to availability.

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Liaison librarians

Liaison librarians select books, journals, databases, and other materials for their disciplines. Please feel free to contact the following selectors about library materials.

Contact Information

Subject Name Phone
Art & Architecture Ione Damasco 937-229-4238
Biological Sciences Joan Plungis  937-229-4245
Business Joan Plungis 937-229-4245
Chemistry Joan Plungis  937-229-4245
Communication Katy Kelly 937-229-4274
Computer Science Fran Rice 937-229-3551
Counselor Ed. & Ed. Admin. Kathy Webb 937-229-4263
Engineering Jack O'Gorman 937-229-2324
Ethnic & Minority Studies Ione Damasco 937-229-5141
General Reference Heidi Gauder 937-229-4259
Geography & Geology Jack O'Gorman 937-229-2324
Government Documents Heidi Gauder 937-229-4259
Health & Sports Science Joan Plungis  937-229-4245
History Heidi Gauder 937-229-4259
Languages & Literature Fred Jenkins 937-229-4272
Law & Criminal Justice Hector Escobar 937-229-5141
Library Science Ione Damasco 937-229-5141
Mathematics Jack O'Gorman 937-229-2324
Medicine Joan Plungis  937-229-4245
Music Emily Hicks 937-229-1558
Performing Arts Emily Hicks 937-229-1558
Philosophy Fred Jenkins 937-229-4272
Physical Sciences Jack O'Gorman 937-229-2324
Physical Therapy Joan Plungis  937-229-4245
Political Science Heidi Gauder 937-229-4259
Psychology Hector Escobar 937-229-5141
Religion Jason Bourgeois 937-229-4253
Sociology & Anthropology Michael Krieger 937-229-4581
Study Collection Kathy Webb 937-229-4263
Teacher Education Ione Damasco 937-229-4238
Women's Studies Ione Damasco 937-229-4238

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Poster printing

The University Libraries are now offering poster printing services to all staff, faculty and students. Posters are printed on a 48-hour turnaround, Monday through Friday. If you submit on Friday, for example, your poster will be available on Tuesday. You will receive a confirmation email with pickup instructions once your poster has been printed. Payment is due upon receipt. Priority printing is given to educational and presentational posters. Poster printing services will be unavailable during Stander Symposium poster printing periods.

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Materials can be placed on course reserves or electronic reserves. Course reserves are hard-copy materials held in Roesch Library that can be checked out from the circulation desk for varying lengths of time as determined by the instructor. Electronic reserves allow instructors to make selected material available to their students electronically through Isidore.

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Roesch 2U

Roesch 2U delivers materials requested by a faculty member to his or her department administrative office. Deliveries are made Monday, Wednesday and Friday during normal semester weeks. Materials from Roesch Library, OhioLINK or interlibrary loan can be delivered. Faculty are responsible for returning materials to the library on or before the due date. 

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