Notebook Printing

Roesch Library patrons can print from their notebook computers on the first and second floors.

Patrons who print from a notebook will be charged just as if they were using a library computer. Printing fees are withdrawn from the user's Flyer Express account. For details, please visit the Printing page.

Step One
Download and install the iPrint client.  The iPrint client can be obtained from  Look for the Novell IPrint Client in the list of All Available Software

Step Two
Download and install the driver for the printer you would like to send your documents to. You may install one or more printers from this list located at:

  FLYER_KM_751_RL105_RIGHT (First Floor right printer)

  FLYER_KM_751_RL105_LEFT (First Floor left printer)

  FLYER_KM_751_RL2_LEFT (Second Floor right printer)

  FLYER_KYO_FS9120DN_RL2_RIGHT (Second Floor left printer)

Step Three

Send your document to the selected printer. IT WILL NOT PRINT YET!

Step Four

Login to PaperCut at Check the box beside the document you want to print and then click Print.