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Welcome to the ILLCs at UD!

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An ILLC Overview
An ILLC for the Core Program

Join a group of people who live in the same residence hall and take classes together.  As part of an ILLC, students make lifelong friendships, earn higher GPAs, and get involved with campus activities.  Studies show that ILLCs help new students successfully transition into college. There is an ILLC for you! But, act quickly. They fill up fast. You may be invited to select an ILLCs as part of your course preferencing process. Find the best fit for you!

ILLCs open to all majors: Building Communities for Social JusticeBusiness & Marianist ValuesCORE: Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture; Sustainability, Energy & the Environment, and Writing & the Arts.

ILLCs for specific majors: Curiosity in the Classroom (select Teacher Education majors), Self & Community in the 21st Century (Social Science majors), and Women in Science & Engineering (female science and engineering majors).

Find the best fit for you.

As a member of an Integrated ILLC, you’ll discover that your hall mates are also your classmates. Integrated LLCs focus on a central topic, meaning you will take at least one course with other members of your community and explore connections between ideas in these subjects. Each ILLC also offers numerous opportunities to interact with your hall mates and faculty members around topics related to your theme.

Each ILLC has a unique course component and dedicated faculty in addition to activities that take place outside of the classroom. Learn more about the specific ILLCs from the links at right.

Community is more than a word. It's our shared vision.

studying in the plazaThe Catholic and Marianist vision of education makes the University of Dayton community unique. It shapes the “warmth of welcome” we first experience and the “family spirit” we treasure. It calls us to academic rigor integrated with faith and life. It challenges each person and group to take up the hard work necessary to build the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical, and social dimensions of our educational community.  A key part of success as a member of the UD community and an ILLC is an understanding of the three Catholic and Marianist principles for learning and living in community and the key habits which are derived from them. Individuals and groups are called to understand these principles and to develop these habits. Doing so will strengthen the educational community at UD and will prepare students to live as mature members of society.


  1. Community Living is an Essential Learning Experience
  2. The Dignity of Every Person
  3. The Common Good


  • Seek relationships that bring out the best in you and others.
  • Make choices which are safe, healthy, and consistent with your faith tradition and values.
  • Follow the law. Don’t abuse alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Develop a sense of reverence for the dignity of your own sexuality.
  • Demonstrate dignity and respect in your communication with others.
  • Develop relationships with people who are different from you.
  • Honor the dignity and sexual integrity of others with your actions and words.
  • Pay attention to the safety, comfort, and health of others.
  • Learn to handle conflict with respect, dialogue, understanding, and forgiveness.
  • Model moral behavior and virtue.
  • Practice behavior that is not insulting, demeaning, destructive, or harmful to you or others.
  • Exercise academic integrity. Follow the UD Honor Code.
  • Respond truthfully and respectfully when your behavior is questioned by another.
  • Accept the consequences of your behavior, while learning to forgive and to accept forgiveness.
  • Develop a capacity for silence. Pray, alone and with others. Participate in worship.
  • Reflect on how faith contributes meaning to and challenges your everyday life.
  • Study your religious tradition to deepen your understanding, practice and commitment to it.
  • Learn about and show respect for the religious traditions of others.
  • Live gratefully, show appreciation, and give thanks to God and others.
  • Learn about Catholic and Marianist views of life, which shape UD’s values.
  • Inform and integrate your faith and beliefs with your academic learning and moral living.
  • Seek truth and wisdom, not just knowledge and job skills.
  • Seek out mentors and models who will affirm and challenge you.
  • Consider your life’s path not just as a career, but as a vocation, a calling from God.
  • Grieve losses, embrace challenges, celebrate successes: live fully and joyfully.
  • Exercise self-discipline as an individual and in group situations.
  • Be aware of the weakest and most vulnerable around you and seek to serve them.
  • Challenge groups and organizations to respond to community problems and needs.
  • Speak up when you witness alcohol abuse, drug use, violence, vandalism, and behaviors that harm or demean people and damage community.
  • Listen first. Learn from others. Consider the needs of all.
  • Practice humility and generosity of spirit when using your gifts and skills.
  • Lead for the good of the community, not for advancing your own image.
  • Speak up for those in need and those who have no voice.
  • Encourage your student organization to make a positive contribution to UD and to the City of Dayton.
In the classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integrated learning-living community?  ILLCs are based around a common academic theme, like sustainability or the arts. You'll take a course or two with people from your residence hall. (Talk about an easy way to form a late-night study group!)You'll participate in co-curricular events such as special guest lectures, film screenings, field trips, service-learning projects, charity events, and barbecues.

How can I join an integrated learning-living community? Not every student will be invited to participate in an ILLC.  For more information about ILLC options available to you, visit the First-Year Options section when it is available in Porches.

Will I be in an ILLC? Maybe. If you are a certain major, you are pre-selected for some. Or, you may choose to be part of one that fits your interests. Your academic adviser has looked at your academic interests and graduation requirements to find the best fitting ILLC for you.

Can I join any ILLC? No. As part of an ILLC, you'll take a specific class or classes with your floor mates. To ensure that the class(es) count toward the graduation requirements for your major and are an appropriate fit for you academically, your academic adviser has personally selected your ILLC options. So you may see zero ILLC options — or you may be able to pick between multiple ILLCs.

When do I pick my ILLC? As part of course registration, which will be available on Porches in May, you'll get to make your initial course schedule and ILLC selection. These selections will then be reviewed and approved by your academic adviser before they are final. You will see your list of options during course registration. To participate in an ILLC, you simply need to sign up for the class(es) associated with that ILLC.

What will be expected of me as a student in an integrated learning-living community? Be open to the experience and willing to fully enter into the community. Attend events and participate in activities with the understanding that you will learn something new in every situation.

Whom may I contact if I have questions about ILLCs? There are dedicated staff members who would be happy to answer any questions you have about ILLCs.  Simply submit your question online and they'll be in touch soon.