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face aids

Mission: To mobilize and inspire students to fight AIDS in Africa.

Vision: Tens of thousands of students will raise money for community-based organizations in Africa and educate their peers about the heartbreaking pandemic. FACE AIDS will develop support groups and income-generating projects for Africans affected by AIDS and give grants to innovative organizations working on HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Our grants will allow the most effective organizations to succeed, expanding innovation on the ground. By putting a face on AIDS, we will foster a generation of Americans who will continue to fight AIDS through policy, charity, and leadership.

Specifically, the University of Dayton chapter realizes that HIV/AIDS does not only affect Africa but the entire world, it is a disease of the human family. Thus we advocate for all people of every culture and nation.

Presidents: Kyle McGrail, Mark Hawk, Connor Ratycz
Phone: Kyle: 937-371-9822, Mark: 419-204-5175
Website: Face AIDS University of Dayton - Facebook 
Meeting Times: Every other Sunday at 4:00 PM in the Torch Lounge
Events/Agencies: AIDS awareness week; National FACE AIDS conference; collaboration events with Zambia group, African Cultural night, speakers from local Rwandan community; free AIDS testing
Type of Service: awareness/advocacy/fundraising, healthcare and human rights