Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

gamma epsilon lambda

GAMMA EPSILON LAMBDA is a co-ed service fraternity that volunteers for UD community events and volunteers with organizations in the Dayton area, including those that work with children and people with intellectual disabilities. We build community among club members and with the city of Dayton through our commitment to service and to each other.

Presidents: Tim Carroll, Pat Lendabarker
Phone: Tim: 773-569-7006, Pat: 630-514-4492
Meeting Times: Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM in KU 331 (Requires Rushing)
Events/Agencies: Various service - tutors children, helps with after school programs, helps with fundraisers for non-profits, and works with people with disabilities. Campfire Kids USA, Cheers, URS, Adventure Central, Life essentials, MetroParks, Peace Museum, Girl Scouts of America, African Refugee Tutoring, Aullwood. Also do fundraising for Garrett Loiselle scholarship through a wiffle ball home run derby and a 5k run. Helps with UD's Thanksgiving basket drive, move-out collection/donation, and other UD community events.
Type of Service: leadership, animals, senior citizens, disabilities, children/youth and variety