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Mini-Grant Application for Service and Social Action (SASA) Student Organizations

Due March 1, 2014

Each semester SASA student organizations have the opportunity to apply for mini-grant funds through the Center for Social Concern/Campus Ministry. You can receive up to $300.00 from this mini-grant each semester. Upon receipt of your application materials, the mini-grant funding committee will determine your eligibility and need for mini-grant funds this semester. Within 3 weeks of the due date, we will let you know if your organization will receive the funds requested or not. 

Please read the below information carefully before filling out the application materials. 

Eligibility requirements for receiving a mini-grant include:

  1. Being registered with the office of Kennedy Union and Student Life.
  2. Attending ALL monthly service and social action club presidents’ meetings.
  3. Having 10 or more active members throughout the academic year.
  4. If you have previously received a mini-grant = Submission of required expense report and evaluation form.

Please download and read the Rules and Regulations for Mini-Grant found in the For More Information box.


For frequently asked questions about how Service and Social Action clubs are funded and about the mini-grant process, please download the document from the For More Information box.


Click here to fill out the “Mini-Grant Application.”


In addition to filling out the “Mini-Grant General Application,” the following items need to be completed to be considered... 

  • An email or letter from your advisor expressing their support. (can be emailed to Bro. Brandon Paluch, SM, Coordinator of Community Outreach)
  • Your club budget report from the last semester (if already turned in at the beginning of this semester, please disregard). 
  • One letter of recommendation/support (from community partner, volunteer, or other supporter)

Please note, if funded, your club is required to turn in a final expense report and evaluation. Expense report and evaluation forms will be provided to you. These items are due by the end of the semester for a one-time activity or by the end of the academic year for an on-going activity.    

*NOTE: There will be UD employees on the decision committee who may not be familiar with each service club, so please be thorough on all responses*

If you have any questions about filling out the application, contact the Coordinator of Community Outreach and/or the Director of the Center for Social Concern. 

Application Materials for the Spring 2014 Mini-Grants are due  March 1, 2014.