Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel


Solidarity is a service club aimed at mentoring young women at a local Dayton junior high school. The UD members plan for and meet with the girls twice a month to discuss modern women's issues while also facilitating an open, trusting community with members that support one another. Our goal is to bring support to the young women as they face the challenges of growing up as a girl today.

Presidents: Jessalyn Crossman and Lauren Evans
Phone: Jessalyn: 724-255-3285, Lauren: 740-815-0958
Meeting Times: Every Tuesday at 9:00 PM in Kennedy Union
Events/Agencies: Work with 5th-8th grade girls at Mary Queen of Peace every other Friday/Occasionally facilitate workshops at other schools/Service related to empowering women in the local community
Type of Service: children/youth/women