Students at March for Life 2011

Flyers For Life

Flyers for Life promote and bring about awareness about life issues from conception to natural death because we choose life which means we fight for the rights of the unborn, help the homeless, take a stance on capital punishment, oppose euthanasia, support life in all its stages and stay informed.

President: Danielle Pohlman
Phone: 630-337-1252
Meeting Times: The first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 PM in KU 331
Events/Agencies: Babysitting; Respect Life Week; March for Life D.C.; speaker; making rosaries; St. Vincent's; biweekly prayer at abortion center; speakers; dayton right to life; awareness activities on campus; Compassion Sunday  
Type of Service: pro-life issues, awareness/advocacy/fundraising, children/youth and human rights