Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

students in a new direction

We are an organization committed to making change within our community. We plan to inspire our youth through education and provide our services as future leaders. We will simultaneously stimulate the minds of our peers through social events on campus.

President: Larquana Bryan
Phone: 516-303-2911
Meeting Times: Every other Sunday at 3pm in the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs
Events/Agencies: Wesley Community Center; building connections with young children and helping them become positive role models through use of activities and workshops, Belmont High School; focusing on Youth Uplift and preparing high school students for college; Sophisticated Saturdays; a bi-annual gathering of local college students in a social setting for networking opportunities, Inspiring Dreams; an annual conference that set outs to present goals and initiatives for the youth and includes spoken word; speeches; and presentations; DECA leadership training program; Belmont monitoring program; Women's group at DECA
Type of Service: children/youth, education/tutoring, awareness/advocacy/fundraising