Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Graduate and Law School Student Ministry

The University of Dayton serves graduate students who are interested in deepening their relationship with God and integrating their faith with advanced studies and professional development. Grad students will receive periodic updates and invitations via email from the Graduate School list-serve. Other events and opportunities open to all UD students are publicized at services in the Immaculate Conception chapel, the Faithful Flyer bulletin (available in IC chapel) and at at the web pages listed listed in the right hand column.

Spiritual Companionship and Pastoral Care

Caring guidance in the journey of faith can be a wonderful growth-filled resource for appreciating how deeply we are loved by God and how the Spirit of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ invite us to live and love more generously. If you are facing a critical decision or challenge, it can be a good idea to share that with someone who is ready to listen in faith and help you to trust in God’s presence. 


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Love Your Neighbor

Offer your time and talent—and bring friends, or make new ones—through service in the Dayton community. Opportunities like Service Saturdays and Table of Plenty luncheon discussions can help you connect your life, studies and aspirations to the reality of people in need. Contact UD’s Center for Social Concern

Graduate Retreat.

Campus Minister for Graduate and Law School Students

Mary Wlodarski 

Keller Hall RM 113