porch communities

Porch communities provide avenues for reflection and sharing that encourages students to grow personally and spiritually, becoming disciples for Christ on our campus. These intentional communities form bonds that allow each participant to grow while challenging and encouraging others through weekly meetings that are student or staff led. Groups usually consist of about 6-10 participants and a pair of co-leaders, and are centered upon community building and faith discussion activities. If you are interested in getting involved in a Porch community, starting a Porch community, or even leading one please contact Mike Bennett at mbennett3@udayton.edu or one of the leaders below in regards to a specific community current on campus.


Art Prayer

The art prayer Porch group provides a space to indulge both the right and left sides of our brains by engaging art and prayer together. Come with an open mind, willing to be adventurous and explore how God might be speaking to you.

Meets Sundays 7pm-8:30pm in Art Street; Led by: Mary Kate Behan and Paul Riffon


The following Porch communities are offered to students who have participated in the Callings program or resonate with the same themes as the Callings program. The Callings Porch groups serve as follow-up from the summer experience, extending the development of relationships and the primary themes of learn, lead, serve, and pray in the context of vocation.

Group #1: Meets Sundays from 2pm-3:30pm; Led by: Megan Flaherty and Emma Stiver

Group #2: Meets Thursdays from 8pm-9:30pm in Liberty Hall 114; Led by: Erica Reist and Danny Gregus

Group #3: Meets Sundays from 7pm-8:30pm; Led by: Sam Brickweg and Kristen Abbarno

Group #4: Meets Wednesdays from 8pm-9:30pm; Led by: Kelly Maloney and Ryan Phillips

Group #5: Meets Mondays from 7pm-8:30pm; Led by: Morgan Habermel and Carrie Hess

Catholic Life

The Catholic Life Porch group serves as one of the primary ministries provided by the Catholic Life group on campus and provide different avenues for the communal pursuit of faith.

Women’s Group: Meets Wednesdays from 8-9pm at 305 Kiefaber; Led by: Carissa Madderom and Cassie Brakers

Men’s Group: Meets Wednesdays from 7-8pm at 28 Chambers; Led by: Joe Oliveri

Bible Study: Meets Tuesdays from 8pm-9:30pm in Liberty Hall 114; Led by: Claire Sonneborn

Founders Hall

The Founders porch group is specifically designed for first-year residents of Founders Hall to explore their faith through the transitions and tribulations of the first year of college.

Men's Group: Meets Mondays from 9:30pm-11pm; Led by Steve Joebgen

Co-Ed Bible Study: Meets Tuesdays from 10pm-11pm; Led by Steve Joebgen

Interfaith Group

The Interfaith Power Group seeks to explore our commonalities amongst our differing faiths to seek how we might come to know each other and ourselves more fully.

 Contact Julie Benedetto or Lauren Mooney for more information.


The Lighthouse Porch group provides Lighthouse alumni (particularly those on the Fall 2012 retreat in October) with the opportunity to continue the community and faith development pieces of the Lighthouse Retreat.

Group #1: Meets Tuesdays from 9pm-10:30pm; Led by Steph Sites

Group #2: Meets Tuesdays from 6pm-7:30pm; Led by Theresa Rotuno and Beth Golonka

Marycrest Hall

The Marycrest Hall Porch groups provide students, primarily those who live in Marycrest Hall with the opportunity to build community, explore scripture, and grow in faith together.  Both involve an element of Lectio Divina with scripture at its source.

Men's Group: Meets Tuesdays at 9pm in the Marycrest Campus Ministry Office; Led by Scott Paeplow

Music Prayer Group: Meets Mondays at 8pm in the Marycrest Hall Chapel; Led by Scott Paeplow;  This group focuses on prayer through music, putting our musical "talents" aside.

Men's Discernment

The Men’s Discernment Group provides an avenue for males on our campus to explore the theme of discernment, particularly religious vocation.  This group seeks to explore discernment of vowed religious life as well as the aspects of married and single life.

 If you are interested in participating in this group please fill out our Men’s Discernment Google Form. Contact Josh Tovery for more information.

Stuart Hall

The Stuart Hall Porch group provides students, primarily those who live in Stuart Hall with the opportunity to build community, explore scripture, and grow in faith together.  Both focus on Lectio Divina around the Sundayscripture readings

Lectio Group: Meets Sundays at 7pm in the Stuart Hall Campus Ministry Office; Led by Bro Tom Pieper and Michelle Khawam

Lectio Group: Meets Thursdays at 10pm in the Stuart Hall Campus Ministry Office; Led by Bro Tom Pieper and Michelle Khawam