Catholic Life

As committed Christians, we are a group of young, faithful Catholics at the University of Dayton being strengthened by the Love and Truth of Christ, modeling our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We strive to live out the New Evangelization through dedication to relational ministry, faithfulness to Church doctrine, and sharing in the radical call of discipleship, compelled by Christ in the Eucharist. We center our ministry in the sacramental life of the Church. We welcome all by challenging them to grow with us in love and service of our Lord.

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Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is offered every Monday-Thursday from 5:30-9:00pm in the Alumni Hall Chapel! Students can sign up to be a “Guardian” of the Eucharist for 40 min time slots! There must always be at least 2 people present with our Lord as He must never be left alone! 


Look for information on all of our ministries and events on Facebook and sign up for our emailing list. Also, don’t forget to check out our Google Calendar for upcoming events!

Alpha & Omega Nights

These events are large group gatherings that will have a youth group sort of feel to them! We will have speakers, praise&worship, small groups, games, and more! Come and engage in fellowship and fun!

Bible Study

As the name implies! Let’s dive into scripture!

Catholic Culture

Catholic Culture works to promote and bring about the rich traditions of the Catholic Church. We do this by providing transportation to the Ancient Mass of the Saints, celebrated in the Churches sacred language. We hope to promote, in the hearts of the students, a love for beauty and tradition celebrated at Mass and Church activities.

If you are interested in learning and participating in the rich beauty of the Roman Catholic Church, please join us. For more information check out our website at;

IHOP- Intense Hour of Praise

Join us for an hour of praise & worship as we sing our hearts out to glorify the good Lord! And then enjoy some warm pancakes and fellowship afterwards!

Men’s & Women’s Groups

Join us as we support each other and learn how to be holy men and women of Christ! We will discuss issues and topics relevant to each gender and support each other as we journey with the Lord!


Our retreats are sacrament based and will focus on different topics, like learning about the mystery of the Eucharist.

Rosary Group

We gather as a group to pray the Rosary together different nights of the week in houses, apartments, dorms, and chapels. Join us as we ask for our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession!

Society of Saints

The saints were incredible people who lived inspiring lives and so we aim to follow their example! We will focus on different saints throughout the year and seek to imitate their spiritualities and charisms!

Special Events

Join us for some awesome fellowship and fun! We host various different events throughout the year to keep you entertained! In the past we have sponsored game nights, a formal, sports games, and more. We will also provide transportation to a varied array of events, such as concerts and conferences. We have also hosted events like leading meditations on the Stations of the Cross.

Theology of the Body
Franciscan Flyers



Emma Froelich- President 

Hey Flyers! My name is Emma Froelich and I am the CatholicLife president! I am so excited to lead and serve with all of you! I am a Graphic Design Major in the Class of 2016 and I am from a small suburb of Toledo. Along with being a Peer Minister, I am a Chaminade Scholar through the Honors program. I love playing and listening to music, being outside, retreats, Jesus, people who love Jesus, the color purple, and oh yeah, did I mention Jesus?! If you ever see me around campus,  say hi and introduce yourself! I LOVE NEW PEOPLE! 

Michael Mingus- Vice President 

Hi! I'm Michael and I'm the Vice President of Catholic Life! I love playing soccer, jamming out to Jesus music, taking pictures of butterflies, and eating Bill's donuts at 2 in the morning. Coming to UD has really strengthened my relationship with our Mother Mary, and I wouldn't trade my time spent in adoration for anything in the world! As the Vice President, I strive to be a light of Christ on campus, and to guide the Peer Ministers in their ministries, as well just being there for anyone who needs me. I love Jesus and his Mother, and I hope I can bring each and every person at UD closer to them during my time here!!

Noey Rogers- Secretary 

I am pursuing a Business degree in Management Information Systems major and a Human Rights minor. I want to devote my life to bridging the technological gap that exists in impoverished areas (both locally and internationally). I am a brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, I work for the IT Group of Flyer Enterprises and I have a passion for Social Justice. My life has not been the same since I met my best friend Jesus and I want YOU to meet Him, too.
"Consider it all joy." James 1: 2


Sara Pekar- Treasurer 

Sara Pekar is a junior Economics major from Cleveland, OH and the current treasurer of Catholic Life! Sara loves speaking in economic jargon and anything arts related. A singer, painter, and taekwon do-er, Sara can't wait to meet you and introduce you to her best friend, JESUS! 

Elizabeth Abrams- Ministry: Adoration 

Hi! I’m a freshman biology major from  Columbus, Ohio. I love meeting new people, writing, smelling flowers, eating lots of diverse and delicious food (and also celebrating National Carrot Cake Day!), looking at the stars, all things Colts football, and music. Adoration is awesome [awesome, like, worthy of awe, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit…so that’s pretty cool :)]. I am blessed to be Adoration Coordinator this year, because being so close to Jesus in adoration is the best feeling in the world, and I’m excited to be part of bringing that to life on UD’s campus.

Karianna Zabaglo- Ministry: PR/ Advertising 

HEY! My name is Karianna, I’m and Finance and Entrepreneurship double major from Simi  Valley, California. I am an Advertising/PR Peer Minister for Catholic Life and Faith Chair of Phi Lambda Iota. And I love UD!

Kelly Maloney- Ministry: PR/ Advertising 

"Hello everyone! I am one of the PR ministers and a Communication Management and Sociology major. I am from the great city of Cincinnati and am also the oldest and shortest of three siblings. Some of my favorite things include taking pictures, giving hugs, musicals, being left-handed, retreats, playing volleyball, and of course Jesus. I love all things UD, especially all the amazing people! If you ever see me around campus, say hi!"

Bryan Westerlund- Ministry: Alpha & Omega 

Sophomore. Pre-Physical Therapy Major. From Pittsburgh, PA. 5'11". River Steward. Biblical scholar.

Avid sports fan. CATHOLIC.

Blessed Mother Teresa is my inspiration to LOVE, SERVE, and THIRST. I am passionate about exploring my faith and God's creation. Through ministry in Catholic LIFE, I hope to strengthen the Body of Christ and help others to grow as disciples. 

Ian Kelly- Ministry: Alpha & Omega  

Howdy! I'm Ian Kelly. I enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and romantic comedies. I also love to serenade with my guitar and cook homemade specialties. Occasionally, you can catch me riding my horse as my hair flows in the wind. :)


Jim Warner- Ministry: Catholic Culture 

Hi, my name is Jim Warner! I am from northwest Ohio and am the oldest of two, with one younger brother. One of my favorite personal hobbies, close to my heart, is gardening. Here at UD, I am a junior chemical engineering major and am peer minister for the Catholic Culture group. Catholic Culture’s mission is to promote a contemplative examination of the Catholic faith within the culture of campus life, with an emphasis on obtaining a deeper understanding of the liturgy and sacraments. Let us help you explore the rich traditions of the Church as they are expressed on campus and in parishes throughout the Dayton area!

Krista Morford- Ministry: Franciscan Flyers 

Krista Morford is a freshman at UD. She loves to sing, eat, spend time with her friends, and be happy. Krista is a peer minister for the new Saint Francis ministry. Her mottos are "go big or go home" and "Jesus loves me". Her favorite movie is Frozen.

Sam Willson- Ministry: Franciscan Flyers 

Hey, I’m Sam Willson, and I am a Junior Psychology major from West Virginia.  I absolutely love UD (go Flyers!).  I have found during my time here that there are many people around us that need and deserve our compassion and love.  I, along with Krista, am starting a new St. Francis ministry within Catholic LIFE that intends to help others grow closer to Jesus by doing service to the campus and the Dayton community.  In addition to my faith, my other hobbies include cooking, staying healthy, and being an avid tennis player and fan.   

Alex Harvey- Ministry: Women’s Group 

Hi there! I am sophomore Communications major from the East side of CLE. I love music, singing in the shower, reading, cooking, beach volleyball, and my seven siblings.  I wish every day was summer. I’m consecrated to Mary and love being Catholic!

 Joe Oliveri- Ministry: Men’s Group 

Hi, everyone! My name is Joe! I am a Junior Secondary Catholic Religious Education  and AYA Math Education major. Basically, I want to teach either theology or math in a Catholic school. This is my second year as PM for Men's Group and I am very excited about the opportunity again to create an environment where men can share their beliefs while focusing on what will make us better Catholic men. I also play music for IHOP and participate in many other Catholic Life events. I also play in a band on campus!  I believe each ministry brings out the best in what the Catholic faith has to offer us. Most importantly, they all lead us back to Christ. I hope that with this men's ministry, we can further see how God wants us to use and respect our masculinity in the way we think and act. If you ever want to talk or see me on campus, don't hesitate to say something! I love meeting new people and listening to others. God Bless!

Sarah Lundgren- Ministry: Rosary 

Hi guys! My name is Sarah Lundgren and I am a first-year foreign language education major. I'm from a suburb of Chicago. I am so excited to be the Rosary peer minister for Catholic LIFE! I absolutely love Mama Mary. I try to model my life after hers as much as I possibly can! I also love love love going to daily Mass and spending time in adoration. OH WAIT, I'm also in love with the movie Tangled and anything that is Disney related. I've been told before that I am very joyful and I LOVE meeting new people, so if you ever see me around, please say hi!!!! 

Carissa Madderom- Ministry: Special Events 

I am an Intervention Specialist Major here at UD! I am one of the Co-leaders for social events and a strong supporter of all Catholic Life ministries. I love ALL people, adventures and surprises (for others), being creative and chatting about life. I am opened to anything and would be happy to help you if you ever need a hand, a prayer, or  a hug - Let me know!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier" Mother Teresa

Emily Keane- Ministry: Special Events 

HELLOOO!! My name is Emily Keane and I'm one of the Peer Ministers for Social Events. I'm a sophomore English major, on the Hearing Board (so don't get on my bad side) and involved in the pre-law program, Phi Alpha Delta, mass choirs, and of course Catholic LIFE! I enjoy the mountains, reading, my 6 dogs, obsessing over Sherlock, eating ice cream, Netflix, music (Spotify is my best friend), Grumpy Cat, all things Harry Potter (HP = LIFE), singing, London, Ed Sheeran, adventuring, and living and loving through Christ. Hope to see y'all at the awesome events this year!!

Annie Michalica- Ministry: Society of Saints 

Hi! I’m Annie, a Junior Religious Studies major. Just striving to live out the universal call to holiness, I am one of the peer ministers for the Society of Saints! Some of my favorite activities include: building forts, drinking coffee, climbing trees, baking banana bread, grocery shopping, and smiling. Besides Jesus and Mary, my biggest role model is Marcel the Shell! Remember these words of Saint Therese of Lisieux, my favorite saint: “Holiness consists simply in doing God’s will, and being just what God wants us to be!” :)

Jack Welsh- Ministry: Theology of the Body 

My name is Jack. I am a Junior studying Secondary Catholic Religious Ed, with a minor in Biology. I am a certified nerd, with specializations in neat sweaters, creepy facial hair, and tomfoolery. I am the Peer Minister for Theology of the Body. I enjoy playing in the woods, reading, and breathing air. I love Jesus. He made me the nerdy, mischievous, oddity of a lumberjack that I am, and He has made each of us for beautiful, strange purposes. I want to help people become who they were created to be, and I would very much like to be your friend.



Here's the complete schedule of what's coming up.  You can also view it as a weekly calendar or an agenda list. Click on the bottom right corner "+Google Calendar" button if you want to add all the events to your own Google calendar.



The name of the group originally came about because they believed “the single goal of the group was to help students live a full life of discipleship.”

Catholic Life was founded in 2003 by a group of students who desired to deepen their faith through Eucharistic Adoration. Within a couple of years, this organization was flourishing. For a number of years, Catholic Life changed the lives of many students, bringing those involved into a relationship with Christ. However, over time, involvement began to decline as the interests and focus of the student population shifted. As of Fall 2012, Catholic Life had become an organization unknown by many. It seemed that this once-prominent group had faded. God had something else in mind.

In the Fall of 2012, a few small groups of students began meeting at various locations around campus to pray the Rosary. Wrapped in the mantle of our Blessed Mother, the groups grew with amazing rapidity. Within a couple of months, groups grew from five or six people to twenty-five or thirty. It became clear that this group should become an official club, recognized by the University of Dayton. Thus, the renewal of Catholic Life began.