Catholic Life

As committed Christians, we are a group of young, faithful Catholics at the University of Dayton being strengthened by the Love and Truth of Christ, modeling our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We strive to live out the New Evangelization through dedication to relational ministry, faithfulness to Church doctrine, and sharing in the radical call of discipleship, compelled by Christ in the Eucharist. We center our ministry in the sacramental life of the Church. We welcome all by challenging them to grow with us in love and service of our Lord.

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Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is offered every Monday-Thursday from 5:30-9:00pm in the Alumni Hall Chapel! Students can sign up to be a “Guardian” of the Eucharist for 30 min time slots! There must always be at least 2 people present with our Lord as He must never be left alone! Contact Cathryn O’Connell for more information!


Look for information on all of our ministries and events on Facebook and sign up for our emailing list. Also, don’t forget to check out our Google Calendar for upcoming events!

Alpha&Omega Nights

These events are large group gatherings that will have a youth group sort of feel to them! We will have speakers, praise&worship, small groups, games, and more! Come and engage in fellowship and fun!

Bible Study

As the name implies! Let’s dive into scripture!

Catholic Culture

Catholic Culture works to promote and bring about the rich traditions of the Catholic Church. We do this by providing transportation to the Ancient Mass of the Saints, celebrated in the Churches sacred language. We hope to promote, in the hearts of the students, a love for beauty and tradition celebrated at Mass and Church activities.

If you are interested in learning and participating in the rich beauty of the Roman Catholic Church, please join us. For more information check out our website at;

IHOP- Intense Hour of Praise

Join us for an hour of praise & worship as we sing our hearts out to glorify the good Lord! And then enjoy some warm pancakes and fellowship afterwards!

Men’s & Women’s Groups

Join us as we support each other and learn how to be holy men and women of Christ! We will discuss issues and topics relevant to each gender and support each other as we journey with the Lord!

Rosary Group

We gather as a group to pray the Rosary together different nights of the week in houses, apartments, dorms, and chapels. Join us as we ask for our Blessed Mother’s powerful intercession!

Social Events

Join us for some awesome fellowship and fun! We host various different  events throughout the year to keep you entertained! In the past we have sponsored game nights, a formal, sports games, and more.

Society of Saints

The saints were incredible people who lived inspiring lives and so we aim to follow their example! We will focus on different saints throughout the year and seek to imitate their spiritualities and charisms!

Special Events

We will provide transportation to a varied array of events throughout the year and host other events as well! In the past we have gone to concerts and conferences. We have also hosted events like leading meditations on the Stations of the Cross.


Our retreats are sacrament based and will focus on different topics, like learning about the mystery of the Eucharist.

Theology of the Body Group

More coming soon!

Franciscan Flyers

More coming soon!



Jack Welsh- President 

I have been called many things, but more often than not people refer to me as Jack. You are more than welcome to do the same. I am the President of Catholic Life, and I absolutely love it. I study all sorts of things, and I want to live in the woods. I enjoy reading both good and mediocre books, sleeping eight hours a night, and cooking tilapia. I love Jesus Christ, but not nearly as well as I should. Somehow, He occasionally works through me. I am blessed by many friends, and I hope that you can become one of them!

Flower Ortega- Vice President Extraordinaire

Hi! My real name is Flor but I go by Flower because that’s what it means in Spanish! I am originally from Chihuahua, Mexico and I love the Catholic Church! I’m a Senior Psychology major with a Religious Studies minor and I have no idea what I want to do after graduation except for do my very best to follow God’s will for me! I’m crazy and you can usually hear me coming before you see me! I have a Franciscan heart and I hate feet but I LOVE people so hit me up yo ;)

Will Sember-Treasurer (Money Man)

Hi, I'm Will, a Sophomore from Wisconsin studying electrical engineering.  I like running, reading, sweat, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, hearth fires, loving hugs, and manly embraces.  I've always had a strong "head faith," seeking to understand the faith with reason and logic.  It wasn't until more recently that Christ, working through His mother, visibly began to orient my heart--my deepest longings--towards Himself.  As a Catholic Life officer I try to work with a broad focus so that our organization can best be a vehicle for encountering Christ.  Specifically as treasurer, it's my job to keep track of and help use wisely the monetary gifts God bestows through human generosity.

Sara Pekar- Secretary Supreme Chancellor

HEY! I’m a Junior Economics major from Cleveland, OH. REPRESENT. I’m in Taekwondo Club and Phi Lambs! I am a super fun-loving person who LOVES Jesus! I am really pretty and everyone loves me because I mean, what’s not to love?

Claire Sonneborn-  Ministry: Bible Study

Born and raised in Brecksville, OH. Came to UD because her favorite colors are red and blue. Successfully bench pressed a mountain and befriended a grizzly. Her deepest desire is to eat dip-n-dots while in outer space. Her hidden talent is that she has been training herself to become ambidextrous so that she can develop the ability to move objects with her more advanced brain.

 Pat Mckeone- Ministry: Alpha&Omega

Junior. Communications major. From Ypsilanti, MI.

"Swagger...If you aint got it by now you just aint gettin it."

Cathryn O’Connell- Ministry: Adoration

Some of her favorite things include mashed potatoes and sending small children down hills in giant inflated hamster balls (true fact). She swears she has a decent sense of direction, however her tendency to receive faulty directions and miss the proper street sign has convinced her friends otherwise. You should totally be her friend because this bio proves it will be an adventure.

Carissa Madderom- Ministry: Women’s Group

I am an Intervention Specialist Major here at UD! I am one of the Co-leaders for Women's Group and a strong supporter of all Catholic Life Events. I love ALL people, adventures and surprises (for others), being creative and chatting about life. I am opened to anything and would be happy to help you if you ever need a hand, a prayer, or  a hug - Let me know!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier" Mother Teresa

Joe Oliveri- Ministry: Men’s Group

I am the peer minister for the men's group with Catholic Life. I also volunteer with College Mentors for Kids, play in a band (The Leap Years), do comedy with the improv group on campus, help lead worship at IHOP, and much more. I truly love UD and all the people here. I hope I am able to reach out to everyone and make this ministry a success for Christ and his glory alone.

Emma Froelich- Ministry: PR

Hey Flyers! My name is Emma Froelich and I am a Graphic Design Major in the Class of 2016. I am from a small suburb of Toledo, OH. Along with being a Peer Minister, I am a Chaminade Scholar through the Honors program. I love playing and listening to music, being outside, retreats, Jesus, people who love Jesus, intramural volleyball, the color purple, and oh yeah, did I mention Jesus?! If you ever see me around campus,  say hi and introduce yourself! I also love meeting new people

!Emily Keane- Ministry: Social Events

I'm a Sophomorer in the Pre-law program here at UD. I'm in charge of all Social Events for Catholic LIFE. I'm from Signal Mountain, Tennessee. I have a twin sister that goes to Notre Dame University and we were both adopted from Vietnam. I am very involved here at UD; I am a brother of Phi Alpha Delta, on the Pre-law Student Advisory Council, an editor for the Daytonian Yearbook, I love to sing, especially at Marycrest mass on Thursdays, among other things.

Jim Vogel- Ministry: PR

I am a Sophomore Accounting and Finance double major from Cleveland, OH. I write for FlyerNews and am a Chaminade Scholar here at UD. You will probably see me around campus on Fridays celebrating "(Ronald) Reagan Sweatshirt Friday"-- It's a way of life, really. I'm loud and proud about most everything I do (which is great as a PR minister for Catholic LIFE). I love everything about UD and can't wait to see what the next 3 years will bring

.Cassie Brakers- Ministry: Women’s Group

Hi, my name is Cassie and I’m a Junior studying Middle Childhood Education. I am from Harrison, Ohio and I am proud to be a Dayton Flyer! One of my favorite times of the year is baseball season- GO REDS! I am the Peer Minister for Catholic LIFE’s Women’s Group along with the wonderful Carissa Madderom! Five random facts about me are soccer is my favorite sport, I am a pirate at heart, I have seven box turtles, my favorite saint is Saint Augustine, and I love jokes! So I will leave you with this classic joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An IMPASTA!

Annie Michalica- Ministry: Society of Saints

Hi! I’m Annie, a Junior Religious Studies major. Just striving to live out the universal call to holiness, I am one of the peer ministers for the Society of Saints! Some of my favorite activities include: building forts, drinking coffee, climbing trees, baking banana bread, grocery shopping, and smiling. Besides Jesus and Mary, my biggest role model is Marcel the Shell! Remember these words of Saint Therese of Lisieux, my favorite saint: “Holiness consists simply in doing God’s will, and being just what God wants us to be!” :)

Chloe Hire- Ministry: Society of Saints

She is a Junior Religious Studies major who will be graduating a year early, cause she’s cool like that. After college she has no idea what she wants to do except for love Jesus. She loves spending time before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and attending daily mass! She also loves making rope rosaries so if you want one, just ask! She lives in a Marianist Student Community on 305 Kiefaber so come pay a visit! Also, she wears glasses and enjoys reading.

Peter Tsivis- Ministry: Rosary Groups

He is a Junior Mechanical Engineering major originally from Florida. He loves the Catholic Church and praying the Rosary. He is enrolled in the Angelic Warfare Confraternity as well as the Scapular. He also enjoys playing the bass, especially if it’s for praise and worship!

Carson Smith- Ministry: IHOP

He is a Senior Communications major. He has a radio show with Flyer Radio and is also an Undergraduate Music Minister. He loves praising the Lord with song and enjoys not wearing shoes.

Michael Mingus- Ministry: Alpha&Omega

He is a Junior Biology major and he is originally from Alabama. He loves playing soccer and rocking out on his guitar. One time he fell and hit his face, it didn’t hurt though so no worries. He has really curly hair and they say it has a mind of its own (in fact a family of birds was once known to make its home in his hair!). ROLL TIDE.

Jim Warner- Ministry: Catholic Culture

Hi, my name is Jim Warner! I am from northwest Ohio and am the oldest of two, with one younger brother. One of my favorite personal hobbies, close to my heart, is gardening. Here at UD, I am a junior chemical engineering major and am peer minister for the Catholic Culture group. Catholic Culture’s mission is to promote a contemplative examination of the Catholic faith within the culture of campus life, with an emphasis on obtaining a deeper understanding of the liturgy and sacraments. Let us help you explore the rich traditions of the Church as they are expressed on campus and in parishes throughout the Dayton area!


Special Events

Danielle Rose Concert--October 18, 6:30pm--ArtStreet Amphitheater (rainsite: Chapel of the Immaculate Conception)

National Catholic Collegiate Conference--"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"--November 21-23 in Indianapolis 



Here's the complete schedule of what's coming up.  You can also view it as a weekly calendar or an agenda list. Click on the bottom right corner "+Google Calendar" button if you want to add all the events to your own Google calendar.



The name of the group originally came about because they believed “the single goal of the group was to help students live a full life of discipleship.”

Catholic Life was founded in 2003 by a group of students who desired to deepen their faith through Eucharistic Adoration. Within a couple of years, this organization was flourishing. For a number of years, Catholic Life changed the lives of many students, bringing those involved into a relationship with Christ. However, over time, involvement began to decline as the interests and focus of the student population shifted. As of Fall 2012, Catholic Life had become an organization unknown by many. It seemed that this once-prominent group had faded. God had something else in mind.

In the Fall of 2012, a few small groups of students began meeting at various locations around campus to pray the Rosary. Wrapped in the mantle of our Blessed Mother, the groups grew with amazing rapidity. Within a couple of months, groups grew from five or six people to twenty-five or thirty. It became clear that this group should become an official club, recognized by the University of Dayton. Thus, the renewal of Catholic Life began.