Lenten Challenge

A Summer of Exciting Changes

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is beginning a renovation this summer that will provide the University community with a harmonious and beautiful chapel to celebrate more fully our faith, through both liturgy and sacrament. But Masses will continue there until July 20. 

Summer Mass Schedule until July 20

Daily Mass (Monday-Friday) except July 4: 12:05pm

Sunday Masses: 10:00am and 6:00pm

July 21-25: Daily 12:05pm Mass will be in the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel (Alumni Hall)

July 26-August 22

Daily Mass (Monday-Friday): 12:05pm in the Chapel in Chaminade Hall

Sunday Masses: 10:00am in the Chapel in Chaminade Hall; 6:00pm at Church of the Holy Angels

The Chaminade Chapel is in the lower level of Chaminade Hall. Chapel entrance is across from the KU loading dock.

Holy Angels Parish is located at 1322 Brown Street.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel in Alumni Hall is located near lot C on the south side of Alumni Hall.

Parking for Sunday Mass is in lot B or any single letter lot. No guest permit is needed for Sunday parking. Guest parking permits are required for weekday Mass. Please stop at the Visitor Center in lot C to obtain one.

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Liturgy of the Eucharist

Feed your soul.

As a campus community, we cherish the liturgies and sacraments that bring us together — that's what the Marianist community is all about. Liturgy at UD is truly the work of the people.

What happens in liturgies here is what the Second Vatican Council called "full and active participation," and we believe that means more than an individual's presence at the liturgy and sacraments. It's about all of us coming together as one.

Whether you're looking for an energetic Mass or intimate prayer time, you're in luck. In addition to daily and weekly Masses in residence halls, the Chapel and the heart of the student neighborhood — we hold special prayer services and Masses. Taize Reconciliation, Advent and Lenten Morning Prayer, Spanish Mass and the Black Catholic Mass are just a few.

Want to be more involved? There are plenty of ways to participate as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, music ministry and more.

Open hands

Reflect and Grow.

Everyone experiences faith differently — and everyone grows in their own way, too. We're confident you'll find the ingredients and opportunities you need to heighten your spiritual life in our many retreats and faith programs. They happen on and off campus all the time — and they're perfect for keeping you on the right track in your faith life.

Pencil in some time for small faith communities like PORCH groups, which gather weekly for meaningful conversation and prayer. Enjoy free food ¿ for mind and body — in our Hungry Hearts or Perspectives on Faith and Life discussion series. Plus, many events are sponsored by the student-run Catholic Life group, offering fellowship, friendship and new faith experiences for all.

If you're looking for a bigger adventure, like a prayerful weekend in the wilderness or a retreat specifically geared to your class, you'll find it in our retreat options. Take some time out of your hectic schedule for the Busy Person's Retreat. Explore life's challenges — and find sources of light and hope within them — during the Lighthouse Retreat. Or explore faith under the stars as part of the Wilderness Retreat.
Student on service trip

Build houses. Build community. And while you're at it, build a whole new wardrobe.

Ready for a challenge? Want to make a difference? Through the Center for Social Concern, you can turn your principles into action and devote your time to several causes, whether caring for the elderly in Dayton or combating sweatshop labor around the globe — not to mention amass a T-shirt collection of all the organizations you join.

More than 30 service clubs are supported by the Center for Social Concern, so you can get involved in their missions on a regular basis. The Center also sponsors plunges — immersive learning experiences that send you to new places so you can experience life in a whole new way — as well as BreakOuts, volunteer opportunities and more. These experiences expand your perspective of the world, your sense of responsibility to others and your overall understanding of your faith.

Here, you'll become not only people of service, but leaders of service as well.

Campus Ministry sign

Our doors are open.

Campus Ministry lives where you do, so you can find meaningful ministry right at your doorstep. There's a campus minister in every residence hall and in the student neighborhood.

Whether you're looking for faith opportunities in your residence hall, spiritual direction or a program that help you grow in your faith, you'll find it here.

Students on Porch

All are welcome.

At the heart of Campus Ministry is the desire to walk beside you as you develop your faith life, no matter what denomination.

In the University of Dayton's Interdenominational Ministry community, you'll find a friendly group of people who will happily learn and worship with you. Our backgrounds are diverse and our environment is always welcoming. Welcome together on campus weekly in various settings, including a Sunday worship service and Thursday night Bible study. A dedicated team of student leaders helps cultivate our community of faith, and they're always ready to answer your questions and share their perspectives!

Our time together focuses on five principle goals: worship, discipleship, evangelism, fellowship and ministry. Programs include dinners, service projects, retreats, prayer services and more. Won't you come grow with us?

If you're interested in joining us or you have any questions, please contact Rev. LaKendra at  937.229.5800 or lhardware1@udayton.edu.


We'll help you jump hurdles.

Whether you've reached a fork in the road, are facing a powerful struggle or could simply use a little guidance in your spiritual life, Campus Ministry is here to help you through it all. Your experience is completely unique to you, and we offer spiritual direction, support groups and vocation discernment services that can be tailored to your needs.

Spiritual direction and vocation discernment involve meeting, one-on-one, with someone who's happy to lend you an ear. Through meaningful conversation, you'll be able to give voice to your curiosity, concerns and contemplation about your spiritual journey. Support groups offer a safe, compassionate setting for you to share your experiences with people who are going through something similar.

You can feel good knowing that someone is always available to help you in your time of need. Our commitment to community at the University of Dayton goes beyond the residence halls — in fact, it spills over into everything we do, and every interaction we have.