Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Wedding Music Guidelines

The celebration of Christian marriage in the Church is a joyous event and the decisions regarding music and musicians are important ones. When we gather as a Christian community to celebrate sacraments, including marriage, we always do so with congregational singing and the assistance of professionals of various ministries.

The Campus Minister for Liturgical Music understands the marriage rite, the liturgy, and the vital connection which exists between music and the sacramental rite. Since your wedding will be celebrated at the University of Dayton Chapel, it follows that making selections about music and additional musicians will best be completed by working with our Campus Minister for Liturgical Music.

The Campus Minister for Liturgical Music, will help you plan, select, and execute all music to create a prayerful and joyful celebration. Guest musicians, whether vocalists, or instrumentalists, are welcome to be a part of your wedding. If needed, our musician can also connect you with other professional musicians skilled in wedding repertoire (trumpet, violin, flute, guitar, etc.) to work with you for your wedding.

As an aid to planning the music for your wedding the Sacristan/Wedding Coordinator will provide you with a 2 CD set of Music for Weddings when you make your reservation for the chapel. The CD's contains samples of prelude music, gathering hymns, psalms, communion hymns and processional/recessional music.

Please contact our Campus Minister for Liturgical Music within 30 days of completing your reservation of the Chapel for your wedding to confirm your wedding date and time and to begin the process of planning the music for your wedding.

For all Liturgical Music questions (for Wedding or any other liturgy), please contact the Campus Minister for Liturgical Music, Mr. James Pera at 937-229-2052 or by