Mary, A Feminine Touch

10.02.2006 | Campus and Community, Fine Arts, Catholic

The works of Beverly Stoller are on display with "Mary - A Feminine Touch," an exhibit running through Nov. 17 in the Marian Library Gallery. More


Laser, Tag, We're It

10.02.2006 | Research, Engineering

The University of Dayton, U.S. Air Force and regional businesses are launching a $3.2 million institute Monday that they hope will hasten the development of a technology used to search for terrorists. The center establishes a curriculum dedicated to ladar technology. More


Dying While Black

10.02.2006 | Culture and Society, Faculty

Two generations of blacks have seen the number of their neighborhood hospitals decrease by nearly 90 percent, and 90,000 fewer blacks than whites would die each year if they had the same death rate, according to Dying While Black, a book by a University of Dayton health care and race law expert due out in October. More


Payday Lenders Receive Notice

10.02.2006 | Faculty, Culture and Society

A UD professor and two Dayton, Ohio, credit unions created StretchPay, a credit union advance alternative that undercuts what payday lenders charge by nearly 80 percent. Now, they've extended StretchPay to 11 other Ohio credit unions. More


Body Over Mind

10.02.2006 | Culture and Society, Research, Health, Faculty

The body may win out over the mind when determining military promotions, according to UD research published in Military Medicine. More