Pro Bono Pledge

05.09.2006 | Students, Law

The School of Law will ask incoming students to sign a pro bono pledge. It will honor 10 students at spring commencement for their service to the poor. More


No Five-year Plan

05.05.2006 | Students, Engineering

Some college students need five years to complete an undergraduate degree. Not Jim Alverson. He's picking up three degrees at the University of Dayton's commencement on May 7. More


Experts Available to Discuss "The Da Vinci Code"

05.05.2006 | Catholic, Culture and Society, Faculty

The Associated Press, Voice of America and the Chicago Tribune, among others, have sought Jim Farrelly's comments about various movies. More


Lights, Camera, Action for Law Students

05.04.2006 | Students, Law

UD and other law schools nationwide recently started using acting as a way to help students learn interviewing, negotiating and plea bargaining skills. More


Graduates Aim for Top International Killer

05.04.2006 | Students, Service and Giving, International

They will be taking solar cooker technology to combat indoor air pollution that kills 1.6 million people worldwide. The World Health Organization counts it one of the developing world's top killers. More