Talk is Cheap, But Profitable, for Retailers

01.12.2006 | Culture and Society

UD experts expect the discount segment to be the big winner in 2006 and economy will grow but not as quickly as it has recently. More


Business Prof Saul Young Dies

01.12.2006 | Campus and Community, Faculty

Professor, who also served UD honors program and various centers, died suddenly at age 64. More



01.11.2006 | Students, Business, Culture and Society, Campus and Community

A Federal Reserve bank president, an architect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and a celebrated "investment biker" are all part of RISE VI, the "Super Bowl" of investment forums. More


Unity Week 2006

01.10.2006 | Campus and Community, Culture and Society

UD aims to put UNITY in COMMUNITY. More


Preserving History

01.09.2006 | Campus and Community

The National Alumni Association has given $200,000 to help create a University of Dayton Heritage Center. More