She Carried the Dream

02.03.2006 | Campus and Community, Culture and Society

The University of Dayton will honor the life of Coretta Scott King at a Feb. 7 memorial service on campus. More


A Boost From Boehner

02.02.2006 | Education, Campus and Community, Culture and Society

Faculty from University of Dayton in Boehner's home state say his election as U.S. House majority leader good news for education. More


Rehabilitating Felons

02.01.2006 | Campus and Community, Culture and Society

Two convicted felons will join a national advocate to talk about how denying some rights like voting or welfare to convicted felons impacts future crime, communities and race relations. More


An Icon For Our Generation

01.31.2006 | Culture and Society

Coretta Scott King, who made one of her final public speaking engagements at the University of Dayton, is being remembered on campus for her graciousness, quiet strength and legacy as a human rights activist. More


'State of Our Values' Watch

01.30.2006 | Campus and Community, Students, Catholic, Culture and Society

"State of Our Values" Watch at University of Dayton During President's State of the Union Address, Tues., Jan. 31. More