Hurricane Relief Blood Drive

09.07.2005 | Athletics, Service and Giving

As part of a number of University of Dayton efforts to help Hurricane Katrina victims, a community-wide blood drive will be held at UD Arena on Friday, Sept. 9. More


Whites Over-represented in Law Schools

09.07.2005 | Culture and Society, Faculty, Law

UD race law professor Vernellia Randall found whites make up 68 percent of law school applications, but fill more than 80 percent of law school seats. Of the 177 historically white law schools, 158 seated a percentage of whites greater than the national application pool. More


War on Terror Four Years Later

09.07.2005 | International, Faculty

University of Dayton professors offer two views on War on Terror four years after Sept. 11. More


The Media Ethics of Katrina Coverage

09.06.2005 | Law, Faculty

Is the media turning hurricane Katrina into a crime story? A law and communications professor says coverage has been harmful. More


In the Aftermath

09.02.2005 | Health, Energy and Environment

What should parents do when children see disturbing images of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the media and become frightened? More