Prof. Eric Chaffee Publishes Article on Regulating Online Lending

08.24.2012 | Faculty, Law

Professor Eric Chaffee’s latest article, which analyzes government regulation of online peer-to-peer lending, has been published in the Washington and Lee Law Review.  

The article, “Regulating Online Peer-to-Peer Lending in the Aftermath of Dodd-Frank: In Search of an Evolving Regulatory Regime for an Evolving Industry,” examines the government regulatory options for online peer-to-peer lending, through which individuals lend funds to borrowers.  

The paper analyzes a Government Accountability Office report that failed to make a strong recommendation for regulating peer-to-peer lending, and argues in favor of a multi-agency regulatory approach that mirrors the regulation of traditional lending.  

Chaffee cowrote the article with professor Geoffrey C. Rapp of The University of Toledo College of Law. Chaffee and Rapp are two of the nation’s leading experts on peer-to-peer lending. The paper is available on Chaffee’s SSRN profile

He has presented the paper at a number of events throughout the nation, including a symposium at Washington and Lee School of Law in November 2011 and at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Schools in January of this year.  

Chaffee has a growing reputation in the field of financial regulation. He recently wrote about the international aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act in his 2011 article, “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: A Failed Vision for Increasing Consumer Protection and Heightening Corporate Responsibility in International Financial Transactions,” which was published in the American University Law Review.  

Later in 2012, the Ohio State Law Journal will publish Chaffee’s article “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: An Incomplete Vision for Combating Corruption in International Business Transactions.”  

Chaffee, who was granted tenure this year, is also director of faculty and research and chair of the Project for Law and Business Ethics, which explores the role of the law and lawyers in promoting the ethical operation of business entities. He teaches courses on values and ethics, business law, criminal law, contract law and securities regulation.

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