In the Spotlight

09.04.2012 | Hot Topics, Culture and Society, Research, Students, Campus and Community, Catholic, International

Recent high-profile national and international news stories are boosting our reputation as an inclusive, global, Catholic research university with active, engaged students.

The New York Times highlighted the University of Dayton in a page one story about the growing number of Muslim women from abroad who are finding Catholic campuses to be welcoming communities that respect their faith and culture: "Muslims from Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic Colleges."

The Associated Press carried a story about the opening of the University of Dayton China Institute that was picked up both nationally and internationally: "University of Dayton expands to China." More than 50 outlets picked up The Associated Press story, including Canada's major wire service. That version ran in Ottawa, Ont., Montreal, Edmonton and The websites of Globalization Today and R&D Magazine also picked up the story.

Two University of Dayton students on different sides of the aisle showed what it means to be passionately engaged in the political process. Kenneth Henning attended the GOP Convention as a page (and as a city councilman from Clayton, Ohio), sparking interest from CNN and FOX: "22-year-old councilman rooting for Romney."

Meanwhile, Daniel Rajaiah, president of the College Democrats of Ohio, was sought out by The Associated Press for the game plan on voter registration on college campuses: "Obama courts college students returning to campus." And watch for Rajaiah again this week — he's a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and is expected to be sought for interviews. 

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