If Pay Equity Won Championships

03.21.2014 | Athletics, Hot Topics
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Filling out a bracket can sometimes feel like flipping a coin, but the University of Dayton Flyers are an easy pick to win it all — if you let coaches' pay equity among men's and women's teams be your guide.

The American Association of University Women completed brackets for both the men's and women's NCAA Div. I Basketball Championships, and Dayton emerged the clear winner in both tournaments.

The AAUW calculated the gap between the average salary for head coaches of men’s teams and head coaches of women’s teams at a school and advanced the school with the smaller gap into the next round.

At the University of Dayton, women's sports coaches, on average, make 96 percent of the salary of men's sports coaches. The women's final game is a match up between the Flyers and neighboring Wright State University, making the Dayton region the center of equitable pay in college sports.

According to AAUW: "Our analysis does not compare individual coach's salaries but rather uses available data and divides the average salary for all head coaches of women's teams at a school by the average salary for head coaches of men's teams at the same school to discover the pay gap. The average salary for coaches of men's teams and coaches of women's teams at a school is available through the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education.

Filling out a bracket based on athletes' academic performance also fares well for the Flyers. National online higher education publication Inside Higher Ed says based on a team's Academic Progress Rate, the NCAA's multiyear measure of a team's classroom performance, the Dayton Flyers women's team would reach the Final Four, while the men's team would reach the Sweet 16, losing to the eventual national champion, Kansas.

On the court, the Flyers advanced to the school's first Sweet 16 appearance in 30 years by beating Syracuse in the third round in Buffalo. It will face Stanford, which upset Kansas in the second round, in a regional semifinal Thursday in Memphis. In the NCAA Div. I Women's Basketball Championship, Dayton fell to Florida 83-69 in the first round in University Park, Pa.

For the latest information on both men's and women's basketball, visit the Dayton Flyers website.

Closer to home, the University of Dayton was the start of the Road to the Final Four for the 14th year.

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