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Dayton-Area Media

Dayton-area news media took notice and frequently covered the University of Dayton’s remarkable growth, contributions to the region’s economy and the key role it plays in creating opportunities for job growth and new business during the 2013-14 academic year.

In addition, local media called upon University faculty experts to comment on breaking news stories, emerging trends and issues that affect the everyday life of people in the Miami Valley.

Broadcast, print and online outlets also reported on University of Dayton students and their tradition of service to the community – in classrooms, neighborhoods and on the river.

The Dayton area ranks No. 63 of the top-100 U.S. media markets — many national stories and experts are local stories first — and the University is proud that regional media outlets prominently showcase our stories and our people.

Multiple Outlets

All three Dayton TV stations covered the spring semester career fair.

The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV talked to law professor Tom Hagel about a dog mauling case in Dayton.

The Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV previewed our College Goal Sunday event, which helped parents and students navigate federal financial aid forms. 

Local outlets carried the news Dec. 20 that the University would take over jazz programming from Cityfolk: WYSO-FMDayton Daily NewsWDTN-TV, Dayton Business Journal, and WVXU-FM.

The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV reported on Dec. 16 graduation ceremonies. 

The Dayton Business JournalWHIO-TV and WDTN-TV mentioned the University of Dayton in stories about six universities receiving state funds to restructure special education programs. 

The University received significant local coverage on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy Nov. 22: The Dayton Daily News quoted alumni who recalled life on campus at the time; WDTN interviewed Bro. Don Geiger and an alum in a feature about Kennedy Union; Fox45/ABC 22 interviewed history professor Larry Schweikart about conspiracy theories and also covered the laying of flowers at the JFK statue at Kennedy Union.  

WDTNFox45/ABC 22 and the Dayton Daily News covered the University's observance of Kristallnacht, referred to as the start of the Holocaust. 

Three sets of triplets will graduate this year from UD. WDTN and ABC22/Fox45 came out to talk with them about their journeys. 

All Dayton-area media covered the dedication of the Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling. Bloomberg Businessweek and the Columbus CEO picked up the Dayton Daily News story. The Dayton Business Journal wrote two stories. 

ABC 22/Fox 45 and WDTN-TV covered Fire Safety Week events. 

WHIO-TV and WDTN-TV covered Greek student organizations leading a can drive.

Several local media outlets covered the 10th annual river trip for University of Dayton students in the Rivers Institute. The Dayton Daily News sent a reporter down the river and published a story and video. WHIO-TV and WDTN-TV also covered the trip.

On the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream Speech" Aug. 28, WDTN-TV (Click here), WHIO-TV (Click here), ABC 22/Fox 45 (Click here) and the Dayton Daily News (Click here) reported on a lost-and-found tape of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at the University of Dayton.

Top Dayton-area media outlets — Dayton Daily NewsDayton Business JournalWHIO-TVWDTN-TVABC22/Fox 45 — covered the start of school and the University's increased selectivity. 

The Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal carried stories about the start of this year's Business Plan Competition.

The Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV covered demonstrations by Miami Valley teachers working with engineering faculty on innovative ways to bring project-based, hands-on STEM learning into their classrooms.

ABC 22/Fox 45 and WDTN-TV talked to Hagel about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case.

WHIO-TVWDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox 45 aired stories about the renovation of Founders Hall as it neared completion.

WDTN-TV mentioned the University of Dayton's new graduate certificate program in nonprofit leadership in a story. The Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News also ran stories.


Feb. 9: WHIO Reports, Kathy Harmon, FAFSA and financial aid.

Feb. 13: Dennis Greene, law, Comcast-TWC transaction.

Feb. 18: Albert Burky, biology, road salt effect on aquatic life. 

Dec. 5: Janet Greenlee, charity fraud.

Dec. 22: Richard Stock, Business Research Group, on WHIO Reports about local housing market. (Part 1,Part 2,Part 3).

Sept. 22: University of Dayton human rights program.

Sept. 28: Mark Ensalaco, human rights studies, upcoming conference and human rights in the Miami Valley.


Feb. 5: Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing, CVS tobacco sales.

Feb. 5: College Goal Sunday

Feb. 12: Ruth Thompson-Miller, Leslie Picca, sociology, Black History month discussion.

Feb. 13: Randy Sparks, marketing, Comcast-TWC transaction.

Feb. 18: Kim Bigelow and Renee Beach, Engineering Wellness and Safety Lab, fall prevention in winter weather.

Jan. 10: Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing, big box retail stores

Jan. 13: UD receives high marks in statewide ranking of teacher education programs

Jan. 17: David Darrow, history, Sochi terror threats.

Jan. 23: Students march for life

Jan. 24: Jack Bauer, psychology, beating the "winter blues"

Jan. 29: Katy Kelly, Verb Washington discuss Created Equal series

Jan. 31: Living Dayton mentioned return of I Love UD.

Dec. 2: Bob Wilkens, chemical engineering, fuel prices.

Dec. 19: Art Jispson, criminal justice studies, Target security breach.

Nov. 6: Grant Neeley, political science, about low voter turnout. 

Nov. 7: Christmas on Campus kickoff. 

Nov. 12: Peter Buffett on Dayton CW morning show. 

Nov. 14: Tom Hagel, School of Law, Good Samaritan laws. 

Nov. 22: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law, car accidents caused by health issues. 

Sept. 4: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, Ariel Castro.

Sept. 17: Rivermobile at event in Yellow Springs.

Sept. 18: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, Navy Yard shooter.

Sept. 19-20: Dennis Doyle, religious studies, Pope Francis.

Sept. 24: Mark Ensalaco, human rights studies, Kenya.

Sept. 25: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law, child endangerment.

Sept. 25: Dave Salisbury, management information systems, ransomware.

Aug. 6: BEST summer program for international students.

Aug. 9: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law, hit and run car accident.

Aug. 19 – New bike path opens by Courtyard by Marriott.

Aug. 24: UD taking strong stance on drinking.

July 11: Vijayan Asari, Vision Lab. 

ABC 22/Fox 45

Jan. 3: Nativity exhibit sale.

Jan. 9: Morning show features Nativity exhibit.

Jan. 16: Lori Shawn, School of Law, death penalty in Ohio.

Jan. 16: Art Jipson, sociology, texting.

Jan. 23: Students march for life.

Dec. 30: Larry Schweikart, history, discussing his new book, A Patriot's History of the Modern World Part II.

Dec. 13:  Serdar Dermusoglu, marketing, online shopping.

Nov. 5: Shauna Adams, Center for Early Learning, toddlers and technology. 

Nov. 11: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, cell phone safety. 

Nov. 12: Peter Buffett on morning show. 

Nov. 14: Jonathan Peters, communication, revenge websites. 

Nov. 19: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, Facebook settings. 

Oct. 2: Shawn Cassiman, sociology, Affordable Care Act. 

Oct. 10: Jason Eckert, career services, unpaid internships. 

Aug. 2: Operations management feature. 

Aug. 16: Jim Durham, law professor, eminent domain. 

July 26: Tom Hagel, Ariel Castro plea deal.

Dayton Daily News

Feb. 2: Daniel J. Curran, president, doing business with Chinese companies.

Feb. 3: Jason Eckert, career services, job placement rate for recent grads.

Feb. 6: School of Law, Gen. William Suter being named commencement speaker.

Feb. 8: Sue Wulff, director physician's assistant program, Midmark's gift. 

Jan. 20Herb Martin, professor emeritus and poet in residence, civil rights movement.

Jan. 23: Red Bull Stratos team members talking about record-breaking jump from the edge of space.

Jan. 26: Treavor Bogard, education, using YouTube in the classroom.

Jan. 30: College Goal Sunday student financial aid workshop.

Dec. 7: Janet Greenlee, accounting, charity fraud.

Dec. 4: Grant Neeley, political science, about a financial scandal for a lieutenant governor candidate. 

Dec. 22: Sr. Laura Leming, sociology, Pope Francis.

Dec. 20: Jennifer Dalton, didactic program in dietetics, about healthy sugar options. 

Dec. 31: School of Engineering, Best in Class Award. 

Nov. 5: Center for Leadership, upcoming programs. 

Nov. 8: Peter Buffett event. 

Nov. 10: Dan Birdsong, political science, anti-incumbent attitude. 

Nov. 16: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law, crime rings. 

Nov. 17: Herb Martin, English, his life of performance. 

Nov. 28: Michael Carter, history, Thanksgiving op-ed.

Oct. 1: Bob Brecha, physics professor and coordinator of the Sustainability, Environment and Energy initiative, op-ed on climate change.

Oct. 13: Shawn Cassiman, sociology, member of roundtable discussion on ACA.

Oct. 19: Mary Fisher, physical therapy, research on breast cancer recovery.

Oct. 27: Michael Carter, history, member of roundtable discussion on Kennedy assassination and legacy.

Sept. 4: Mike Gorman, operations management, Kodak bankruptcy.

Sept. 11: Susan Brenner, School of Law, online privacy.

Sept. 13: Tom Hagel, School of Law, polygraph tests.

Sept. 13: Jason Eckert and Michael Gorman, operations management jobs.

Sept. 20: Catholic art exhibit at Roesch Library.

Sept. 27: Jennifer Dalton, director of Didactic Program in Dietetics, on eating healthy on game day.

Sept. 30: Tom Hagel, School of Law, dementia playing a role in elderly sexual assault cases.

Aug. 3: Paul Benson, College of Arts & Sciences dean, Common Academic Program.

Aug. 4: Shawn Cassiman, sociology, and Richard Stock, Business Research Group, growth and impact of temporary workers.

Aug. 4: Kelly Henrici, executive director of the Program in Law and Technology, patent trolls.

Aug. 19: New bike path opens by Courtyard by Marriott.

Aug. 24: Jubiliee of religious studies professor emeritus Father Norbert Burns.

Aug. 25: ArtStreet exhibit and artist-in-residence Joel Bergner

Aug. 25: Op-ed by School of Education and Health Sciences Dean Kevin Kelly on new Ohio report cards.

Aug. 25: Julius Amin, history, March on Washington.

July 25: David Salisbury, management information systems, cybersecurity jobs.

July 26: Rosary Rally.

Dayton B2B Magazine

Aug. 1: Mickey McCabe, vice president for research, on the partnership with GE Aviation.

Aug. 1: Jason Eckert, career services, on job hunting.

Aug. 1: Jayne Robinson, biology, Off the Clock feature.

Dayton Business Journal

Jan. 10: School of Education graduate program ranked in US News survey.

Jan. 13: UD receives high marks in statewide ranking of teacher education programs.

Dec. 2: chapel renovation.

Dec. 10: business plan competition finalists. Sept. 9: UD to hire for growing international enrollment and in-house services

Sept. 13: David Wright, director of e-learning, online learning.

Sept. 20: UD expands parking for students.

Sept. 26: Tom Lasley, education, alumni staying in Ohio.

Sept. 27: UD receives grant to benefit Ohio students with deafblindness.


Oct. 29: Dan Birdsong, political science, school levies.

Sept. 29: Joel Pruce, human rights studies, upcoming human rights conference and human rights in the Miami Valley.

Aug. 8: Thomas Lasley II, education, low voter turnout in special elections.

Sept. 1: Caroline Merithew, history, Cedarville's connection to Labor Day.


Feb. 9, 16: Jaro Bilocerkowycz, political science, and David Darrow, history, were guests of "Miami Valley Voices" to discuss the history of political violence between Russians and Chechens as it related to the Sochi Olympics.