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Faculty Maternity Leave Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who does this policy apply to?
A. This maternity leave policy applies to tenured and tenure track faculty members.  It also applies to full-time, non-tenure-track faculty who have completed at least two years of consecutive full-time service and whose full-time service is expected by the University to continue. 

Q. Is it possible to have a full semester off from teaching if my leave does not cover the entire semester?  Is this time paid or unpaid? 
A. Yes, it is possible.   The particular arrangement is worked out by the faculty member and the chair.   It may depend on the delivery date, the type and length of the leave, and the nature of the course.   The Maternity leave may have three components: use of accrued salary continuation, non-classroom responsibilities, and unpaid leave. Please refer to the Procedures page for an explanation of these three types of leave.

Q. What types of duties will be acceptable if I elect to perform non-classroom duties as part of my leave? 
A. You will work these out with your department chair. These duties must be solid, deliverable, and beneficial to the department; they may include planning curriculum, new course development, on-line instruction, or special projects for the department.  Your department chair, dean, and the Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs must approve the duties before the leave begins. After you return from leave, your department chair must sign that the duties were completed satisfactorily.

Q. How does maternity leave affect my tenure status? 
A. If you are a non-tenured, tenure track faculty member, your tenure clock will automatically be stopped for the academic year in which your leave occurs and your tenure review date will be postponed by one year. If you wish, you may request that your tenure clock not be stopped during the academic year in which your leave occurs, in which case your tenure review date will remain unchanged. This election can be made on the Maternity Leave Application Form.

Q. My due date is Christmas. Am I eligible for the following semester off? 
A. Yes. If your due date falls within one month prior to the fall or winter semester, you are eligible for leave in that fall or winter semester immediately following your due date.

Q. If I am due in the summer, may I collect pay using my accrued salary continuation? 
A. Accrued salary continuation may only be applied during contractual time. If you are not contracted during the summer, you may not use your salary continuation during the summer; however, if you have elected the 24-pay option, your pay will not be interrupted. Also, if your due date falls within one month prior to the start of the fall semester, you will be eligible for leave during that fall semester.

Q. This is my first year at UD. Do I have any chance for pay during maternity leave? 
A. Yes, if you are tenure track. Under the salary continuation program, you are eligible for up to six months of medical leave at half salary, three of which may be applied to a maternity leave. You can obtain more information by contacting the Human Resources Benefits Manager or reading section 4.1. Salary Continuation in the Faculty Benefits Handbook.