Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Membership of the UD Speaker Series Committee

The 2014-15 University of Dayton Speaker Series Committee membership includes:

Patty Alvarez
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Allen McGrew
Geology (CAS)
Donna M. Cox
Music (CAS)
Rochonda Nenonene
School of Education and Health Sciences
Malcolm Daniels
School of Engineering
Cilla Shindell
University Communication
Thaddeus Hoffmeister
School of Law
Paula Sideras
Barbara John
School of Business Administration
Andrea Wade
Office of the Provost/Stander Symposium Coordinator
Fr. Joe Kozar, S.M.
Office of the Rector
Kathleen Watters
Communication (CAS)
Jack Ling
Office of Provost
Kathleen Webb (chair)
University Libraries
Amy Lopez-Matthews
Student Development