Stander Symposium Committees

There are two Symposium committees:

1. Stander Steering Committee - The Committee's responsibilities include disseminating information to the greater campus community to educate all faculty and staff about Stander; serve as a liaison between their unit and the committee in order to provide feedback and foster participation; answer questions and help shape the activities during the Symposium.

2. Celebration of the Arts Committee

Stander Steering Committee 2013-14

David Darrow, co-chair
University Honors Program

Katy Kelly
University Libraries

John Doty

Katie Kinnucan-Welsch
School of Education & Health Sciences
Shannon Driskell
A&S Sciences/Mathematics

Brian LaDuca
Re'Shanda Grace-Bridges
Student Development/NSO

Amy Lopez-Matthews
Student Life & Kennedy Union

Elizabeth Gustafson
SBA/Dean's Office

Margaret Pinnell, co-chair
School of Engineering

Linda Hartley, co-chair

Grant Neeley
A&S/Social Sciences
Diane Helmick
Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education

Shawn Swavey
Judith Huacuja
A&S Arts/Visual Arts
Andrea Wade
Office of the Provost/Stander Coordinator