Statute of Mary on the University of Dayton campus seen in a moon-lit sky.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
Taught Us to Live in Community.

When we celebrate a birthday, we don't just remember the day when someone was born. We celebrate the person.

From Jan. 22, 2011, to Jan. 22, 2012, we celebrated Blessed William Joseph Chaminade's birthday because his life and vision continue to inspire people from all walks of life to work together to create change that makes a real difference in our world.

Chaminade founded the Society of Mary and the larger Marianist family. The Marianists, in turn, founded the University of Dayton in 1850. Blessed Chaminade wanted to create faith communities that made the Gospel alive in every age. He believed that people should not only believe in the kingdom of God — a kingdom of justice, love, and peace — but also live the Gospel message so that it is visible to people of every age.

Chaminade's vision will always inspire the University of Dayton.