Sharing, Serving, Giving, Learning

Service learning provides unique opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills through real world problem-solving. Service learning is one of the key ways that the University of Dayton forms distinctive graduates who grow in their faith, pursue lifelong learning, and achieve professional success. Educated for adaptation and change, our graduates should be particularly well prepared for leadership and service in communities in which they will live and work.

The University's long history of successful community partnerships encompasses a wide range of settings, from local neighborhoods to other welcoming communities in this country and abroad. As a result, UD has earned a reputation for leadership and service that sets us apart from many other universities.

Good for everyone

For students, service learning presents unique opportunities to expand knowledge and skills, enhance personal and spiritual development, or attain new insights regarding issues or cultures.

For the community, service learning helps prove the values of creative campus-community partnerships. Effective service learners can help the community resolve immediate needs, build on community strengths already in place, and ideally contribute to lasting change.

Opportunity abounds.

Look for service learning across campus. Service is key to a UD education. Every academic unit offers opportunities.

Center for Social Concern

Our goal is to unite faith and action for justice through a myriad of experiential learning opportunities.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

The Fitz Center builds many partnerships with local communities, arranges service learning opportunities and addresses a wide range of social justice issues.

College of Arts and Sciences

As the largest academic unit at UD, we offer more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In all of the programs offered, a service learning component is an option many of our students choose.

School of Business Administration

Our programs are strengthened by the Marianist tradition of connecting scholarship with leadership and service.

School of Education and Allied Professions

The School of Education and Allied Professions is a leader in urban and early childhood education. Many of our programs use service learning components that enrich the academic experience of our students as well as the local community.

School of Engineering

We are a preeminent center for engineering education, research and service. We believe that engineers work best in collaboration with others toward the betterment of the world,  evidenced by many service learning opportunities for our students.

School of Law

Our students have long been known for their passion for community service. We prepare graduates to be lawyers who can solve problems and make a real impact upon the world.

Center for International Programs

We support a multicultural environment on campus and beyond - for students from other countries, students going abroad, faculty doing research or staff volunteering around the world.

Graduate Academic Affairs

Assistantships, classroom learning and research in more than 50 advanced degree programs provide a variety of service opportunities.

Student Development

Our staff works with students in a variety of ways to raise awareness and strengthen skills for diverse living and learning, skills that can serve them well within the University community and beyond.

Turning the community into a classroom.

Thanks to a wide range of strong community partnerships, the University of Dayton provides service learning opportunities that can extend teaching for faith, justice and the common good beyond the traditional classroom setting. The University is committed to ensuring graduates are well prepared for a world that demands skills in adaptation and change.

By definition:

The National Service Learning Clearinghouse (1994) defined service learning as "A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to:

  • enrich the learning experience,
  • teach civic responsibility, and
  • strengthen communities."

At UD, service learning also frequently includes an element of faith formation. Service learning takes students beyond volunteering and other types of experiential learning; it is intentionally integrated into students' education through careful planning and guided reflection.

Planning Resources:

Faculty workshops on aspects of service learning and civic engagement are regularly featured in the Faculty Exchange Series, sponsored by The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center. The LTC offers UD faculty a range of resources and opportunities to strengthen teaching and scholarship. Visit the LTC Faculty Exchange Series (www) >>

Faculty and staff are eager to share the benefits of their experience in service learning and civic engagement. In addition, the University's membership in state and national associations offers access to valuable resources. See the links at right.

The Center for Social Concern

The Center for Social Concern, along with the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, has a lead role in fostering civic engagement at the University of Dayton. The two centers work closely together. To understand how these two resource centers both differ and work together, view the links at right.

Mission Statement

The Center for Social Concern, as part of the University of Dayton Campus Ministry, has as its mission to seek to unite faith and action for justice. The Center tries to integrate the moral principles and academic learning of the University community by encouraging ethical responsibility for sustaining and enhancing human dignity and social justice.
The strategy for achieving this mission is two-fold: First, through justice education, the Center promotes within the University community the faith-inspired "practice" of social justice. Second, in the area of service-learning, the Center provides leadership and resources so that the University of Dayton undergraduate experience challenges students to become people of service.

Visit the Center for Social Concern (www) >>

The Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

The Fitz Center, along with the Center for Social Concern, has a lead role in fostering civic engagement at the University of Dayton. The two centers work closely together. To understand how these two resource centers both differ and work together, view the links at right.

Mission & Vision

We have a mission to partner with the local community and a vision to strengthen community building partnerships through education and service.

Visit the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community (www) >>