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2013-14 Tuition and Charges

Full-time - 12 to 18 credit hours $17,900 (35,800/year)
Each credit hour over 18 hours $1,194
3/4-time - 8 to 11 credit hours $13,428
Part-time - 1 to 7 credit hours (per credit hour) $1,194
Audit rate (per credit hour) $597
Adult Degree Advancement Program (per credit hour)                                                                                                        $717
Masters, Arts & Science and Engineering Per Credit Hour (not Religious Studies)                                                                                                            $816
MBA Per Credit Hour                        $888
PhD Biology and Engineering Per Credit Hour $888
PhD Religious Studies Per Credit Hour $675
Masters, Religious Studies, Fall and Spring Per Credit Hour $563
Masters, Religious Studies, Summer 2013 only Per Credit Hour $393
MPA Per Credit Hour $563
English (Teaching Track Only) Per Credit Hour $563
Bachelor plus Masters Per Credit Hour $597
School of Education (SEHS) Tuition
 Masters Per Credit Hour $563
 Education Specialists Program Per Credit Hour $675
 PhD Per Credit Hour $730
 Student Teaching Charge  $238
 On-line courses for full-time Catholic Educators and for-credit workshops Per Credit Hour $282
 Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) tuition (Includes lab, professional, and clinical charges) $9,910
 Miscellaneous Graduate Charges
 Audit Rate Per Credit Hour (rounded to next dollar) 1/2 regular rate
 University Charge Per Semester  $25
 Late Registration Charge ($25 per week)  $75 max
Credit by Examination (EM credit, per credit hour)  $35
Law School Tuition  
Tuition full and part-time per credit hour  $1,125
 University Charge - per term (includes $40 for Student Bar Association, $38 renewal/replacement and $17 graduation charge) $120
 University Charge - part-time and summer upper level $25
 Miscellaneous Law School Charges  
 Health Care & Counseling Center Charge per semester $79 
 Seat Deposit $400 
 Late Registration Charge - $25 per week $75 max 
 In Absentia Charge - per semester $750 
Returned checks are subject to a charge of $25 plus 1% of the check amount.